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Food Revolution 2012

Posted on: May 29, 2012

Tanjong Pagar food market Nasi Lemak for lunch yesterday! The ingredients are so generous! Otah, ngoh hiang, luncheon meat AND chicken wing for only $2.50! Such value for money!


So, yesterday we went to Chef Eric’s Food Revolution 2012 exhibition!

As the name suggests, Food Revolution is a show aimed at re-creating the stereotypes and pre-conceived ideas that we have about food.

From the 25th to the 29th of May 2012, we will learn all about the change and modifications in the food industry today. Food Revolution aims to showcase these changes and show a side of food that most of us have never seen before.

At Food Revolution 2012, we hope to showcase the essence of food at its creative best and we promise visitors a wide array of exhibitors most whom we do not see at food shows. In addition, we have also lined up an impressive array of workshops ranging from a singing chef cooking demo, nutritional cooking and even wine appreciation.

The 5 day show is strongly driven by the theme of Past, Present and Future and has 3 zones aptly named ’Memory Lane’, ‘The Modern World’ and ‘The Future Space’.

Join us as we embark on this 5 day food journey down ‘Memory Lane’ and re-discover our childhood with food from the past, including the mystical Dragon Beard Sweet, ‘Ding Ding’ Candy and a wide selection of traditionally baked breads.

Next, savour and witness ‘The Modern World’ where visitors will get a chance to see and taste the offerings of renowned restaurants featuring Korean, Latin and Japanese food amongst many others. Here you will also get to see how we eat cereal like a parfait, pair wine with local food and even get a taste of premium quality bird’s nest! Celebrity Chef Eric Teo will also be at ‘The Modern World’ and especially for the show, he has created 5 special dishes which will be available exclusively at Food Revolution!

Last but definitely not least, visitors can experience ‘The Future Space’ and eat anything within their reach…literally! Renowned dessert Chef Janice Wong will be on hand to wow visitors with her cutting edge and Avant Garde dessert techniques which will include Thousands of Sugar Cubes, a Seaweed Marshmallow Ceiling and Gummy Walls! (Taken from FoodRevolution.sg)

Christina informed me that Chef Eric has graciously invited us and I shamelessly asked if Alex can tag along. =X

We were supposed to meet at Suntec Convention Center at 7pm but I took time off as I was going to collect the Liese hairspray from Kao’s office.

So I took a bus and reached Millenia Walk early. Mr Toh was still at his friend’s place rooting his handphone. T_T As expected, he was late lah. Was really kinda pissed off. *sigh* Luckily Chris managed to meet me earlier so we slowly made our way there to meet Nicole.

We went in to the exhibition hall first to look for Chef Eric. He was at ‘The Modern World’ area and we took our seats at 1 of the tables. The area was empty because it was still early I guess.

Chef Eric offered us wine and after looking at the menu, the girls decided on white wine.

Chef Eric’s Revolutionary 5 Tapas Menu for the day!

Leopard’s Leap white wine, I forgot what it was though.

Our food was served but Mr Toh was still not here yet. T_T But it was OK actually, because we were busy taking pictures! Hahahaha~~ Shortly after that, Mr Toh arrived and we waited for his food to arrive before eating together.

I love the presentation! It was served on a transparent plastic ledge.

We asked Chef Eric how we should start and he advised to start with this dish!

Royal Court Bird Nest and Ginseng in Dome Jelly.

We waited too long to eat because the jelly was starting to turn into water. =X But it was good, the ginseng flavor was condensely packed into 1 small bite.

Next, we tried the Fried Singapore Laksa Croquette.

I really liked this dish, loved the taste and the texture, it was so crisp on the outside! But it somehow reminded me of something else….I couldn’t remember what, just not laksa. =X

Then we had the 8 Minute Poached Baby Lamb Loin with Reduction Coffee Sauce.

This was damn good! I’m not really a lamb fan but this dish was awesome! Mr Toh really liked it too and it was one of his top two favourites of the night. The lamb was cooked perfectly and the lamb smell was not that strong, it just combined perfectly with the coffee sauce. I also liked that the coffee sauce was not too overpowering as some places tend to do with their sauces so as to cover the lamb smell. Great dish!
I also loved the potato rosti it came with. I tasted a bit of the sauce, I think it was mayo with onions before I ate the potato and the onion taste was so intense! But when I ate the whole thing together, it was perfect. Sooo good! I’m just drooling thinking about it. =D~~

Cold Singapore Chilli Alaskan King Crab

This was another fabulous dish and the other of Mr Toh’s top 2 vying for the top spot. The funny looking bits on top are fried glutinous rice and it was served with fish roe, fried mantou and otah made of scallops and something else I can’t remember. =X This was also one of my favorites! I love chilli crab! I am not a fan of fish roe and I even considered removing them but decided it’d be too rude. =X So I ate the whole thing. This was a delightful bite, it was so delish and I felt that this small bite was power packed! Love the spiciness of it.

Last but not least was the Crystal Dumpling Chicken Rice.

Err…our first impression of it wasn’t good because it was cold already! The skin became harder and we couldn’t taste the fragrance of the chicken rice. Plus Mr Toh’s portion had a lot more chilli sauce so he could only taste that. =X Chef Eric was very nice, after we finished eating, he brought us 2 more sets to share! =) So paiseh, he even served us himself. T_T
This time, we had the dumpling while it was hot and it was much better! We could taste the fragrance of the chicken rice and mmmmm, it was good. The skin was a tad thick though….but it wasn’t a major issue.

I felt so happy yesterday with good food and good company. =D
We didn’t really walk around the exhibition but we saw food stalls, some stalls promoting wine and bird’s nest too! The exhibition is ending today so you can still go later after work! It’s free entry but it’s ticketed sales for Chef Eric and Chef Janice’s segment.

It was a very interesting meal. =D Glad that Chef Eric invited us, thank you Chef!!

So today morning was Mr Toh’s flight to Vietnam, 7:25am flight. T_T We woke up at 5:30am. Yes, we, even though I wasn’t going. I was going to send him off~~ That pig suspected I was going only to check on him and confirm no one else going with him. Wtfffff…….do I look like I am that boliao?! Just wanted to spend some time with him before he flies off for 4 days ma! Kns!

We reached Budget Terminal at around 6:40am, just in time because the counter was closing already. After he checked in, we had breakfast at McDonalds!

I was sian of McGriddle already so I had hotcakes with sausage. Silly Mr Toh thought I ordered Egg McMuffin so he told the counter girl 2 of what I ordered. He ended up asking me why they gave us maple syrup. LOL! Haven’t wake up yet.


Busy eating his hotcakes. =)

After finishing our breakfast, I took the shuttle bus to T2 after Mr Toh went in. He called while I was still on the bus and said he’s on the plane already. It was only 7:07am but turns out he was the last person to board. As usual. =X

Last I checked, he’s reached there already. Hope he’ll be OK by himself there. Counting down the days to his return! Ok lah, I know only 4 days but still…. =P


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