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Posted on: May 27, 2012

due to tonight’s launches! Mad exciting I tell you! I’ve always loved Love Bonito and Smooch’s items! Today’s only my 2nd time buying from Smooch’s launch. I usually miss their launches because I forget. But not tonight!! I even set my alarm for their launches in case I get too engrossed in D3! Hahahhaa!

Before the launch, Twitter was aflutter with the girls asking who was buying what. I had my eye on the Curtis top and decided to get it in Violet. But during the launch, stupid me carted out Navy Blue instead! I thought there was only 1 blue color and I was so kan cheong I neglected to see that the shades are totally different!! Silly me…….then size S for violet was temporarily not available. =( Luckily for me, after refreshing the page for a few minutes, I managed to cart it out! Woohoo! I tell you, the exhilaration and elation I felt was so good! HAHAHHA! You may think I am exaggerating but I am really not! Can ask any of the girls on my Twitter. =P

I thought the yellow is very cheery and so suitable for summer! But sadly, yellow does not look good on me. So I got Violet instead! Think it’ll look great with both white and black bottoms~

But I made another boo boo. =(  I chose the wrong payment mode…clicked on Paypal accidentally! I made payment via IB within the 2 hour time frame for Paypal payments then dropped them an email about this. Hopefully I won’t lose my item. *crosses fingers*

After this exciting ‘battle’, I was feeling really peckish and tired. So I went down to buy a Snickers bar! Came back home and prepared for Smooch’s launch!

Fickle minded me decided to get the smooch dress in Aqua in the end! I thought that I can match the white part with my accessories better. =D Was elated to receive my invoice from Smooch 30 minutes later! I just love their clothes and their service! The dress is also very affordable at $25.50 inclusive of normal postage! Many of us were pleasantly surprised. =D

I am super happy with my purchases today!~

Ordered McD for breakfast today after Mr Toh left for work, then I tidied up our room, played some D3, changed & washed our bedsheets and played some more D3.

My wizard’s level 39 now! I think this headgear makes her look like an assassin. O.o


I also finished watching Big Bang Theory! Can’t wait for the next season! Gonna go watch my Glee now~

And WP won the Hougang by-election! I am so glad. This was a great weekend. =)

Gonna be meeting Christina and Nicole tomorrow to attend the Food Revolution exhibition at Suntec, we were graciously invited by Chef Eric! So nice of him! Can’t wait~ It’s gonna be an awesome week!


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