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Hougang By-election Voting Day & Fashion temptations

Posted on: May 26, 2012

So, today’s the voting day for Hougang byelection.We woke up extra early today to go vote as Mr Toh still has to work.

Just to share a funny joke I saw on mrbrown‘s Twitter the other day:


LOL!!! Laugh die me! I showed it to Mr Toh and we laughed together for a good min. Hahahahha! =X Very childish I know, but it’s really funny!

The recent Xiaxue blog post hoohaa got me thinking. Personally I felt that the guys were in the wrong in the first place. No one has the right to say shit about other people just because you support different political parties. And the comments they posted were just crude and disrespectful. Yes, her personality may come off as not-so-pleasant sometimes but don’t forget, she is married and the other 2 ladies have a boyfriend/fiance too. How will her husband and their other half feel reading that kind of comments about them?!

I told Mr Toh about this incident and even though he dislikes Xiaxue, he agreed that she’s not entirely wrong. He says he feels ashamed that most people’s perception of opposition parties supporters are of this kind of scumbags. Totally agree. Just wish those idiots can keep their mouth shut and their keyboards locked up! *sigh*

Anyway, I’m very sian of all this political stuff already. The mood is totally different from GE2011. I just wanted everything to be over and done with. Hope the results are what I hoped for.

The weather was horrible today morning. We wanted to find an air conditioned place so we had Long John Silver for breakfast. I’m a bit sian of McDonald’s breakfast already. =X


Service was pretty good. Mr Toh was very sweaty and tired so he went to find a seat first. So the counter boy offered to help me carry the tray of food to our table  but I declined. Food wasn’t very nice though. The hash brown had a smelly oil taste, like the oil they use to fry it haven’t been changed for quite some time. Mr Toh also commented that we can do this at home. Yes, I agree. =X

After breakfast, I sent Mr Toh to the taxi stand as he has to get to work. Sweetie offered to send me back home first but I declined as he was running late already! Made my own way back via bus.

Our dinner yesterday! Fave kway chup from Kovan food market~


I’m very tempted by this top from oh poupee! Love the prints and the split back. I’ve never bought from them before though…but I suppose there is no harm in trying something new. =P I just really really like this tank!

Picture taken from oh poupee.  [Source]

Just saw the sneaks from Love Bonito and Smooch for their next launch and OMG, so many temptations!!

I love this blouse!! But I wonder if the cutting at the arm hole will make my arm look fatter? =X

And this highly anticipated shorter version of their peplum skirt! I am so tempted to get this too because it looks really awesome~ Love the cobalt color!

Both pictures taken from Love Bonito. [Source]

Thinking of getting the yellow top to go with the blue skirt! =X Or maybe I’ll just get the cobalt blue top?

Actually saw Smooch’s sneaks from Twitter and the girls went crazy over it. Me including. =X

Really digging the black/blue and white/aqua combination.

Pictures taken from Smooch. [Source]

Aren’t they gorgeous?! I think they’ll be launching tomorrow. Gonna think over it carefully to decide what I want then camp for it tomorrow!

For now, it’s nap time! After that, I will need to start catching up on my reading and my D3. =D

Have a great Sat everyone!!


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