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Posted on: May 24, 2012

Quite love my OFTD yesterday!

New Smooch top + Forever 21 glitter skirt! Really really love this skirt when paired with white. Somehow it brings out the glitter-ness of it! Then I wore my robot necklace (from Diva) too!



My OFTD today! Inspired by the dresses I saw from Smooch yesterday. Wore my old star tank (bought from Bangkok) over a spag top and another Forever 21 skirt. The tank is actually very loose fitting and quite big for me, (I bought it because I love the prints) so I knotted it up at the front!


Ta-dah! Something new! It’s not too big now~ Yay! I always used to pin it up at the back so that it won’t be so loose but now I think it looks much better like this! Waist-defining too. =D


Anyway, have some GREAT news to share!! That annoying, unhelpful, attitude problem, disgusting person is gone!!!! Yay!!! Gone yesterday. Woohoo! Perhaps my director feels a little sadness, after all, he has been here for 5 years. BUT! Not us!! It was a torture to work with him, seriously!

Such great news!! Must go celebrate!! Woohoo!!

Something very irritating happened yesterday.  While on the way home, there was this uncle sitting beside me reading the newspaper. He kept moving in and out of the seat. When he moved in, he held his arm very high up and his armpit wide open and facing me! Then when he move out, he open his arms very wide and his right arm is like right in front of my face.

I tolerated him for a few stops. Then he got more and more brazen and his arm was right in my face. I hate when people don’t respect my personal space. I know it’s on the train but I am a female and he is a male. There has to be boundaries.

Cannot take it anymore so I smacked his arm away. He had the fucking audacity to stare at me! I stared back at him lah! What! You think the MRT is your house ah? Want to read newspaper like that go home and read lah! Nabei….

Damn tulan. But a bit 矢态. =X I saw the guy sitting in front of us staring at me. LOL! *oops*

Met Mr Toh for dinner at Heartland Mall yesterday but we eventually ended up at 212 again. Dunno what to eat ah! Went home after that and I played D3! Kns Don, keep calling me paper and noob. K lah k lah, I admit I am paper and noob lah. =( Level 32 now and at Nightmare already! Woots!


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