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How I spent my Monday

Posted on: May 22, 2012

Breakfast at mommy’s on Sunday. I bought Ho Kee porridge and a little dimsum over.


Mr Toh was off yesterday but he was meeting his friends. So I happily went home first and played Diablo III! But I wasn’t very happy with him because he seems to have forgotten me. =(

I called him a few times but no answer. T_T Then when he picked up, he seemed so distracted. Didn’t bother saying much to him so I hung up and threw my phone to one side.

I did my nails! Really didn’t like the previous color and I happen to see a ruffian nails mani that Wendy did and I realized I can do this also! To cover up the ugly color.


But I think the colors are really ugly together. Gonna try another color combi tonight.

Then Daphne came online and plvled me again! Woot! I’m now level 27 or 28, I think. =D

My dinner + Diablo III! Fruit salad again~ I didn’t feel like eating anything because the weather is too darn hot! (I realise our table is damn messy! =X)

Played until 11:30pm liddat and I was getting really tired when I realised my phone was buzzing. It was Mr Toh. He had already given me 3 missed calls + a whatsapp message. *oops*


Give me angry face somemore! My phone was on silent mode so I didn’t see it. Oh well. Really not in the mood to bother with him. Hmph.

Went to bed shortly after that. I could remember seeing Mr Toh sitting at the computer and also remember him lying beside me coughing his guts out. Oh dear…poor thing. I sayang-ed him, he sayang-ed me back and then I fell asleep again.

When I woke up in the morning, I felt soooooooooo tired! And for the first time ever, I really really didn’t feel like going to work. =(

When I walked out of the bedroom, I saw that the maid was still sleeping and I wondered why, because she usually wakes up earlier than me. I walked to the living room and looked at the clock, it was 6am. WTF? I thought I saw wrongly or the clock was spoiled but then cannot be…so I walked back to my room and checked my phone. It was really 6am.

FFFFFUUUUU!!! Stupid me changed the alarm yesterday because I was already awake at 6:30am and I forgot to change it back! OMT…. *sigh* Luckily I was very tired so I fell back asleep promptly. Felt much better when I woke up later. So funny now that I think about it. Lol~

OFTD. Changed 2 outfits before I wore this. Almost wanted to go full Smooch today but not really feeling the outfit so I changed to full Love Bonito. Maybe tomorrow then go Smooch.



Today started out really badly. The weather is so horrible. I was already sweating just putting on my moisturiser and sunblock. Grrrr. Then I dropped my phone on the bus, it flew out of my hand and landed hard. T_T Luckily nothing cracked or what.

And the people on the train today are so weird!

There was this lady who boarded the train at Serangoon. Train was already quite crowded, already no space where I was standing in between the seats. She squeezed all the way in and stood in between me and another uncle behind me.

After a while, she pushed past me to stand beside me. I hate it when other people touch me, seriously! Then while she was standing beside me, she kept looking back at her previous position and kept leaning nearer and nearer to me. Irritating seriously! And once she saw that someone is going to vacate their seat, she chiong-ed there and snatched the seat from this auntie standing in front. O.O

Then there was this uncle swinging from the hand grabs like a monkey. His bag was also swinging around and it hit me! T_T Wtf right? So many weird characters on the train early morning……..*sigh*

Anyway, work has been hectic…doesn’t help that some people are so unhelpful and idiotic. People on maternity leave, CC her for fuck? No brain one. Then do you expect us to check her email every hour? Fucked up shit. At least that is resolved.

Received my Smooch top over the weekend but have not got down to reviewing it yet. I’m kinda on the fence about it. I realised it doesn’t look very nice on me. *sigh* Shall review and see how bah~~



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