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New found love

Posted on: May 18, 2012

Not someone new. Nope. I have my Mr Toh and I love him more than anything.

I’m talking about Diablo III! It’s so fun! I was playing yesterday doing the quests alone and it’s pretty fun!

Mr Toh bought a graphic card yesterday. Buying a graphic card just so we can play Diablo III, so hardcore right? HAHAHAHHA! Just kidding lah. This baby cost us S$215. O.O But the graphics are nice!

After installing the graphic card, Mr Toh wanted to play but I asked him to let me play because he has the whole day today and I have work today. Hee. He begrudgingly let me play and say I bully him. No I didn’t! HMPH!

But thanks Deardear… *muacks* He left after that to meet his friends so I was alone at home playing until 12am. Woots! Level 8 now. Kinda slow. Never mind, I have the weekend to chiong!! Muahahahaha!


OFTD for TGIF!!! Snake print top from Far East and Cotton On shorts~ Very casual today because I am attending Piriya’s farewell party later @ Changi. But actually, I everyday also very casual. HAHAHA!



Animal prints are kinda hot right now…see a few of the Twitter babes wearing prints as well! This is the 1 and only animal print item I have! I’m not really a print person but I just love this top.

Very comfy and love the prints on it! I think my subconscious mind picked this top because of the influence from the Twitter babes…. Lol! =X

Hate my sensitive skin around my neck and chest area….they always get red spots, dunno why! =(

Can’t wait for this day to end. Desperately need to destress!! Counting down the hours… *sigh*

Good news btw! My manager has given birth earlier today to a healthy and super cute baby boy!! YAY!! Congrats Irene!! Welcome didi!!

So grateful we have a wonderful team in the office! Especially thankful that our new girl who is only 19 years old this year but is so mature and responsible in her work. She also has a lot of initiative and is very smart. Plus our 2 older staff who are very responsible and hardworking too. Thank goodness for them. I love my colleagues!!


2 Responses to "New found love"

Wow I wish my computer was good enough to play the latest games…

My computer’s not that fantastic either! Just a normal core 2 duo processor.

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