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Of OFTDs, nails, breakfast and winning giveaways!

Posted on: May 15, 2012

Had a great breakfast yesterday to combat the Monday blues!


Love adding black pepper to my hash brown!

OFTD for yesterday, wore my Tazelle Tank and AE skirt again! Ah…really loving this top more and more~


Made fruit salad again yesterday!

No apples this time, I added grapes instead. And I bought some mango juice to add to the orange juice but only realised we ran out of orange juice when I reached home! No worries though, we have a lot of oranges at home so I just hand squeezed 2 oranges to get the juice~~


Mr Toh bought dinner home for me too, so I was very full after that. O.O He went to meet his friend after dinner…I was bored at home so I did my nails!

Light pink with glittery french tips.


And this was what I used. Bought this 2 bottles from Beauty Language in AMK Hub a long time ago. The pink is very light so it took 3 coats to get the result I wanted. Super love the glitter polish but it has become all goopy and very difficult to apply. I couldn’t even close the cap properly. T_T


I kept messing up the tips on my right hand so I got fed up and ended up removing everything from my nails. T_T I’m gonna go get a new glitter polish!

I then realised that I have to stop putting on nail polish because my nails are so yellow. But then my nails are so ugly without them that I keep wanting to put polish on them to cover up!! URGH!!! But I resisted and now my nails are bare and yellow and UGLY. =(

Yesterday there was this bug flying around my room. I had no freaking idea what it was and I was all alone and scared. T_T


Initially, Mr Toh asked me to wait for him to get back as he was coming home soon. So I kept my eye on it and then it started climbing into my wardrobe!! I gathered up my courage and swiped it down with a magazine and crushed it. Omg. Amitabha. I am so sorry…I had no choice!! ='(

Then my adrenaline was pumping and I couldn’t fall asleep until Mr Toh came home. *sigh*

My OFTD for today~~


Ohvola top with Love Bonito tweed skirt~~ I’m always wearing the same items!! Now I realised a woman can never have too many clothes. I just need a bigger and better organized wardrobe. Hee.

I was supposed to get the Diablo 3 game today…..but the freaking queue at Funan is crazy!!

From @mrbrown twitter:

My colleague was supposed to collect the game for us but it’s about a 4 hour queue JUST to take a Q number! Wtf!!

He gave up and said he’ll collect the games from his friend tomorrow instead. Bo bian! Nvm, just 1 day difference, won’t kill me~~

Happier news aside, I just got an email from Liese stating that I was 1 of 50 lucky persons selected to receive a free Liese Aerosol Spray giveaway! Wahahaha, I participated in it because I saw it on Qiuqiu‘s blog. Wee!

I do wonder how many people participated though because I don’t usually have such luck. Heeeee. Now I have to do something about my hair. Hmm. Perhaps gonna go down to Ponytail salon for a cut and treatment since the previous one was so good. Shall think about it..

Another issue though….I have to self collect and their office hours are shorter than mine. O.O Plus my manager is now on maternity leave so I cannot afford to take any time off…die!!


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