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Happy Birthday to my Mr Toh!

Posted on: May 10, 2012

Today’s his birthday! He’s working but at least he’s getting off earlier a little bit at 9pm. So we can go for dinner, then I can give him his cake. =D I can say it here because he doesn’t read my blog. =D

I ordered a rare cheese mango cake from Pâtisserie Glacé! Thought of giving this a try as it is a combination of his favourite cheese cake and mango! Will update again on whether the cake is yummy or not.

On Tuesday, I had to walk to another office nearby to collect a document. Luckily the weather was still quite windy despite being sunny so I wasn’t sweating in my knit top.

Took this pic in their lift. =D Love that their lift is so well lit.

On Tuesday night, Mr Toh met his friends so I had dinner alone and I was lazing on the bed when I fell asleep. =X

I vaguely remembered Mr Toh coming back and saying “你睡眠前没有打给我啊?” According to him, I murmured “Sorry”, saluted him and promptly fell back asleep. HAHAHAHA!

It was raining really heavily that night and woke me up. T_T So irritating that I am a light sleeper. T_T

On Tuesday, our manager treated us to lunch! Wanton noodles from Amoy St! It is good! Looks good and tastes good!

Didn’t manage to blog yesterday as I was having a really frustrating day. *sigh* Days like these make me hate my job…… =(

I also realise that I forgot to wear sunscreen yesterday! T_T Goodness….luckily the sun wasn’t very strong in the morning and I had to OT so I only left office after the sun set. Always a silver lining! Hee.

My OFTD yesterday.


Random red belt + Love Bonito Breleigh top with another Forever 21 skirt. =) Loving the skirts!

Mr Toh’s 2nd birthday present arrived yesterday. A casing for his new HP that I got off GMarket. This seller’s delivery is quite efficient! I received the item the next day after it arrived in Singapore. =D It came safely, wrapped tightly in layers of bubble wrap.

I got it from this seller – igadgetz.

Bought dinner home and passed it to him. The texture is rough and grainy and Mr Toh says he prefers this rough feeling to the smooth kind.

It came with 3 free gifts too! Screen protector, micro SIM adapter and a stylus!

Mr Toh didn’t care for the stylus so it’s mine! Hehehe. It’s very cute but not very useful, I feel. Much easier to just use your fingers. HAHA.

My OFTD for today~~


Love Bonito Tazelle Tank with my glittery Forever 21 skirt! I super love this combination! I love how it looks and when this skirt is paired with white, it looks quite good, better than with black. Haha. *humble brag* =P

Gonna collect the cake later during lunch and hope it doesn’t collapse when Mr Toh reach home. ><

Btw, I sinned at Smooch! I didn’t get my braided shorts but I got the scallop shorts after I saw that they were still available and I couldn’t get them off my mind!

I took a risk and got it in white because I don’t have any white bottoms! Have to go to Dad’s place tomorrow to see if my parcel has arrived. It’s been receiving good reviews at BOS, I am so excited!! Can’t wait to get them!

I told Mr Toh about it and showed him the picture.

Pictures credit to Smooch!

And he said it’s nice!! Woahohoho! So happy he likes it! Then I showed him the braided shorts I wanted to buy initially and he said “Eee.” T_T~~~

So it’s a good thing I didn’t get invoiced for that. HAHA! Another silver lining! =P


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