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Gastric, I hate you!

Posted on: May 8, 2012

Yesterday was a really busy and shitty day with lots of problems and issues popping up. Why can’t every work day be smooth sailing and free of problems?!

Initially wanted to skip lunch but my manager kindly bought me wanton soup~~ I was about halfway through it when my tummy suddenly felt very uncomfortable so I stopped eating. Didn’t feel like it anymore.

But my tummy got worse. It took me a while more to figure out that that was gastric. O.O I seldom and very rarely get gastric so I didn’t know right away what that feeling was. Damn sucky I tell you.

Finally got to the end of the work day, tummy still aching. I headed to Thomson Plaza  to wait for Mr Toh to get off work and to have dinner. But as I was early, I went to Popular to look around and then headed to Starbucks for a green tea latte. I think I am not supposed to drink green tea but whatever. =X

After he knocked off, we headed to Longhouse for our duck rice. But! The stall was closed already….WHY!!! 2nd time we didn’t get to eat it… =( I was very sian already and didn’t feel like eating….but Mr Toh say gastric must eat so we ended up eating fried carrot cake~~ The stall seems pretty popular. The carrot cake was quite good too. =)

Tummy felt better after dinner but still achy…so Mr Toh gave me Weisen-U to take. He’s weird…he says the medicine smells like seaweed but to me, it smells like someone’s smelly mouth who never brush their teeth. LOL.

He also scolded me…say why didn’t I buy and take medicine earlier to prevent the gastric from getting worse. But then he cuddled me after that so I’m good. =P

When we were at the lift going home, I realised Mr Toh and me were both wearing purple! What a coincidence. Haha~ I asked him if we can take a picture when we go home and he said yes after considering for a few seconds. Hee. I was happy because he usually doesn’t indulge my every whim. =D *muacks*

The medicine was pretty fast acting and it took effect about half an hour after taking it. Very effective. Really no idea what triggered it though…hope I never have to experience that again!

Our matching OFTD for 07/05! wub.gif I look so short. T_T


My OFTD for today! Wore my F21 skirt with black spaghetti top and knit top over it. Heh, it looks like I’m wearing a tank dress.



Mr Toh’s off today and tomorrow. So shiok. O.O


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