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Leopard print nails

Posted on: May 6, 2012

Was craving for McDonald’s fries yesterday night so we ordered McDelivery for dinner! Craving satisfied~

I didn’t manage to drag my ass out of the house yesterday to BHG so I went today instead~ I left the house shortly after Mr Toh left for work.

What my shopping list looked like today:
1. Undies for Mr Toh
2. Towels for me
3. Black nail art pen
4. Cereal
5. Maggi mee (Did I mention I love to eat maggi mee? It’s one of my favourite thing to eat on a lazy weekend. =D)

Successfully completed my shopping at Bugis Junction~ Got the undies and towels from BHG, they’re having 20% off now! Mr Toh has expensive taste and only wears this certain brand of undies which usually costs S$15 each. Much more expensive than mine. O.O So I took the chance to buy more when there’s a sale. Heehee. *auntie*

I couldn’t find the nail art pen in Watsons…luckily there was a Sasa outlet at Bugis Junction and I managed to find one there. Next stop was Cold Storage for the cereal and maggi mee. I then bought food for myself and headed home. Very fulfilling Sunday afternoon I must say. =D

The reason why I bought the nail art pen was because I wanted to try doing leopard print nails! Got inspired after seeing Amy Tran’s tutorial of it on Instagram. She has gorgeous nails. *envy*


Apply base coat and let it dry, after that start with a dry base color (ole caliente).
(this step is optional) apply glitter (fairy dust) paint irregular dots on nail
paint “c” around the dots (I used a nail art pen, but a tooth pick works as well!)
place black dots in the empty spaces once nail is semi dry, apply top coat! Enjoy!

She makes it seem so simple. The glitter looks so good too. I just had to give it a try but I skipped the glitter because I don’t have any. I also googled for tutorials from other people and I found one that I liked from blushingbasics.com.

The nail polishes that I used. My 2 newest nail colors~ O.P.I Berry Daring and Do You Lilac It.

I used Do You Lilac It for the base and Berry Daring for the dots. Then I used the black nail art pen around the dots. I dripped the nail polish on a magazine page I tore off and used a toothpick for the dots.


Started off with my toenails as I wanted to practice before I did it on my fingernails. And people usually don’t look at your toenails so ugly also never mind! Hahaha. =P

I only did the big toenails as I find my other toenails too small. =X

Looks OK right? So cute!! Hahahhaa~~

Then my hands!

Left hand~

As you can see, the prints on my ring finger and pinky was disastrous. LOL. I ended up removing them and just painting the base color on it because I was too lazy to paint the prints again. =X So I only have 3 leopard print nails on my left hand. Hah…

Right hand~

I totally gave up on my right hand and only drew the prints on my ring finger because my left hand sucks at using the nail art pen! LOL~

But the overall effect was pretty cool and it was so fun to do! Shall try experimenting with other colors next time. How about a minty green leopard print? =D

I’m also thinking of buying a dotting tool from Gmarket… Oops…I probably shouldn’t be spending more $ on my nails. =X Okok, no more no more..shall be content with what I have for now. =D

Had yoghurt again just now.. I still haven’t finish my 1L tub of yoghurt! Luckily they have a pretty long shelf life.

Now I’m waiting for Mr Toh to knock off for dinner! My life is so boring but I’m happy. =D


2 Responses to "Leopard print nails"

thanks for crediting me!

your nails look adorable. the glitter step is a great idea, wish i would have thought of that. xo

No problem, I loved your tutorial! Yes, the glitter was a great idea, too bad I didn’t have any though.

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