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Mothers’ Day dinner (in advance)

Posted on: May 5, 2012

After work yesterday, I left punctually and hauled ass to Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Managed to reach the restaurant in time where my brother and mommy was waiting already. Mr Toh was late as usual. Already told him the time, place and that I was reaching already and he’s still late. HOPELESS. Grrr.

Didn’t care to wait for him so I just ordered the food first. We had the set meal for 4 @ $88+. Total of 6 dishes. My pictures last night turned out HORRIBLE. T_T So…please pardon the lousy pictures.=(


(From L-R) Wasabi prawns, bell pepper spare ribs in black pepper sauce, double boiled tonic soup, kampung chicken, stir fried french beans with minced pork and crabmeat fried rice.

The wasabi prawns were fresh and nicely fried but I thought the wasabi sauce could do with more wasabi. I much preferred this black pepper spare ribs to the honey one we had the previous time though I find the meat a tad dry and could also do with a stronger pepper taste.

The soup was lovely with enough herbal flavour, love it. My brother said it reminded him of the yucky tonic soups my mom used to make us drink but I say this one definitely tastes much better than that! The kampung chicken was good too, really like the smoothness of the meat but I would have preferred it to be more spicy.

The french bean was yummy too, I like that the sauce wasn’t too salty and the french beans had a nice crunch to it. The fried rice  was OK, not enough wok hei….I definitely prefer the one at Din Tai Fung. The portion for the fried rice was pathetic too. It is a set meal for FOUR but there was only enough for 3 bowls, for me, mommy and my brother. “Luckily” my Mr Toh is allergic to crab meat so he didn’t have any.


For dessert, we had a bowl of the mango sago each. The mangoes were sliced instead of diced this time. Mommy liked it, she said the mangoes were sweet enough but the dish wasn’t too sweet. I also had their flower tea, very pretty to look at and tastes not bad too. Quite refreshing.

After the meal, we sat there for a while to chat then we left and walked to the MRT station together.

I asked Mr Toh for his opinion. He said that the dishes were all delicious, above average standard. But I personally felt that that is precisely why I felt so underwhelmed after this meal. Every dish was pretty good, none really stood out so the whole meal was very 平淡 and meh. Crazy human minds….. *sigh*

Mommy told me she’ll pick out a handphone for herself and she will tell me the price then I will foot the bill. Glad to oblige because i don’t need to rack my brains to think of a gift. This will be my Mothers’  Day and birthday gift for Mommy! Every year, we will celebrate this 2 together because Mommy’s birthday is on 13/05. Lucky for me, can save one present! Muahahaha. =X

We met Andrew for tao huay at Kovan! Been eating and eating the whole day. Fat die me. T_T

The weather was horrible yesterday evening, so hot and stuffy. Then when we were preparing to go to bed, there was lightning and thunder! That went on for a while before the sky finally opened up and there was rain! Huge heavy thunderstormy rain! Shiok!! At first, I was kinda sian at how loud the rain was…couldn’t sleep but when I did fall asleep, it was all the way to today morning. Shiok.

I got woken up by a car alarm going on downstairs….when I looked at the time, I got a shock! It was already 10:36am and Mr Toh was still beside me sleeping! Late liao! Faster woke him up, ironed his shirt and sent him out the door once he got dressed. Poor thing was still not fully awake yet, haha. Now I can’t get back to sleep because of the adrenaline. LOL.

Today’s a public holiday and there is nothing I like more than to rot at home. But I got to get down to BHG Bugis, maybe later or tomorrow to get some stuff for Mr Toh since they are having their super sale!

Happy Vesak Day peeps!


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