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Sometimes it’s the small things that count…

Posted on: May 3, 2012

I wasn’t feeling very well yesterday a few hours before knocking off. Was feeling very faint and giddy. I kept feeling like that recently.

Just that day at Nex, I was walking around with Mr Toh when I suddenly felt faint after turning a corner. I had to grab on to him before I fell…. That was scary. Been very worried about this..I may have to go for a body check up soon. *sigh*

Anyway, to cheer myself up, I bought chocolates hoping that they’ll make me feel better.

Twix and my favourite Yam Yam biscuits with chocolate dip! Chocolates make me happyyyyyyy!

Had it with some milk while watching 犀利人妻.

I have not watched it before but I was hooked after watching some of it on Channel U, the episode where the wife started changing herself to get back the husband. It’s a very interesting and exciting part of the story. The actress portraying the 3rd party is very good! She made me feel nothing but anger and disgust at her character, especially when she committed suicide. I even thought to myself that if she want to die, she should die somewhere else and not dirty the wife’s place! =X

I was feeling better so I suggested to Mr Toh to go to 212 for dinner because it’s been a while since we’ve had dinner there. Dug out my old ribbon top to wear! I super love this top but haven’t been wearing it because it started furring. T_T


OFTD for today. Thursday already! Can’t wait for tomorrow to come! Dinner at Red Chef! Wee!

LRH floral bustier and G2000 pants.


I only realised that my bag clashes badly with my top when I was at the MRT station. T_T I was too sleepy this morning to realise that… Was having weird ass dreams the whole night and kept waking up in the middle of the night. T_T *sigh*

Another thing is I shouldn’t have paired this top with a low waist bottom. Kept flashing bits of my tummy. Oh god why. O.O Thankfully I have my cardigan!

Reached Harbourfront MRT station early today so I went and bought McD’s for breakfast~~ Had my favourite McGriddle and added cheese. Yummy~~

Just look at that cheesy yumminess! A good breakfast is always a great start to the day~

Happy Thursday to everyone!

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