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Late night meals

Posted on: April 30, 2012

The weather was too hot yesterday night for me to want to do anything, like go out for dinner. Besides, Mr Toh was rushing home as he has some thing to do. So I suggested ordering delivery. He always prefers KFC over McDonald’s so that’s what we had for dinner.

I was bored of Zinger so I tried something new.

Cheesy BBQ Meltz for yesterday’s late night dinner. It is basically popcorn chicken with tomatoes, nachos, mayonnaise and cheese wrapped in a tortilla. I find it a tad too salty and it was cold by the time it reached us….so not very enjoyable. T_T

Christina called me yesterday night, saying she wanted to pass me something. The silly girl cabbed to my place to give me this! Oh my god…so sweet of her! *BIG HUG*

Thank goodness I didn’t wear pants today…it was raining so heavily when I reached Harbourfront! Luckily I made the right decision to bring my umbrella out even though it is in an extremely embarrassing state, very out of shape and wonky. =X I really should remember to buy a new one.

But this lousy umbrella of mine is still useful ok?! I was at the usual traffic light waiting to cross the road when I saw this uncle shielding his head with a plastic bag so I gathered up the courage to step up beside him and offered him my umbrella shelter. =) I am paying it forward baby! Feels good. Luckily he didn’t dash across the road before I could reach him because that would have been so embarrassing. Lol.

Update on my braces. My tiger tooth on the right side have started moving in! There is now a little gap in between the tiger tooth and the tooth before that. Really can’t wait for them to be straightened out! I keep forgetting to change my rabbit bands after 12 hours though. T_T Hope that won’t slow them down too much…which reminds me, I need to change them now.

OFTD for this Monday before public holiday tomorrow. A bit sian actually that we still have to work today. =X
But look on the bright side, tomorrow no need to work then 3 days work only! Woohoo!


There’s a reason why I wore this 2 items today. Both are items that Mr Toh likes. =P Hehehe. Because we are going pak-tor tonight. We have a movie date with the Avengers tonight. Seriously, I am soooo looking forward to it. The reviews so far have been awesome, though I have been careful to avoid any spoilers. Hehe.


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