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Mini movie marathon!

Posted on: April 23, 2012

Guess what is this!


Was feeling peckish on Friday afternoon while working, so decided to have some cereal with milk. But we only have strawberry milk in the office so I gave that a try. Hehe. Very nice. Sooo strawberrish.

Saturday was Mr Toh’s off day! Feels like it’s been a while since he’s had an off day on a weekend. Hmm.

Anyway, I accompanied him to Toa Payoh to settle some stuffs, after that was done, we had lunch and headed to Plaza Singapura for movies! We had no choice but to watch at GV because they were the only cinema screening Lockout.

Street Dance 2


To beat the world’s best dance crew, streetdancer, Ash (Falk Hentshel), with new friend Eddie (George Sampson), set off to gather the greatest streetdancers from around Europe, falling in love with beautiful salsa dancer, Eva (Sofia Boutella) in Paris.

With landmark locations, the most spectacular dance fusion of Latin and Street ever seen, the sequel to global smash hit StreetDance is bigger, better, bolder and back in 3D! [Source]

It was a last minute decision to catch this, wanted to catch Lockout initially but we decided to watch this first, then watch Lockout later! Wee!

Street Dance 2 was ok, I didn’t really like it though the dancing scenes were pretty awesome. I don’t remember watching Street Dance 1 but I don’t think there was much of a connection. Mr Toh commented that the lead actress wasn’t that pretty but she was very seductive when she was dancing and I totally agree! But overall, this movie is only recommended if you have nothing else to do and likes to watch people dancing. =X

After this movie, we have about an hour before the next one started so we went for a bite at KFC~ The usual Zinger for Mr Toh and cheese fries for me!

Then it was time for Lockout~~


A man wrongly convicted of conspiracy to commit espoionage against the US is offered his freedom if he can rescue the president’s daughter from an outer space prison taken over by violent inmates.[Source]

Mr Toh heard the synopsis of this movie when we were on the cab earlier and it seems pretty interesting so we decided to watch it~ Bad visual effects aside, the movie was not bad, pretty funny and the storyline was kinda interesting to me with some twists. I like the main lead, Guy Pearce! Eye candy~~ He was kind of a jerk but he’s the good guy who got framed. Super like the happy ending too. Haha. I’d recommend this movie but probably not during weekends. Somehow I don’t feel it was worth the weekend price.

We bought CHIPPY sausage with mashed potatoes and fish & chips after the movie~ Their sausage with mashed potatoes are always yummeh~~ As for the fish & chips, we felt the fish wasn’t very fresh but still OK, at least there was no stinky fish smell. It was a tad salty though.

After we finished eating, we headed to Tampines McDonald’s to meet Ben and Andrew~ Sat there and chatted until 12pm plus when we had to leave as Mr Toh was working the next day~

It was a bad day for me actually. Or at least a bad afternoon. There was some work problems and it was really sucky. I was conversing on my HP until it went super low batt. And it was only 3pm then! I then had to find a LAN shop to do a permit for my warehouse. Thank goodness there was a LAN shop at Dhoby Ghaut MRT! I was so kan-cheong that the haulier would leave without my permit, then I’d kena fine by customs!

But luckily, it was a simple permit so I managed to do the permit and send it to my warehouse within 10 mins… It was actually my fault in the 1st place though, I was supposed to do it on Friday but I really forgot. I was kicking myself the whole day over it. Grrr. Must be more careful in future… *sigh*

This is not the kind of mistake I should be making! *slaps self*

I usually stay at home on Saturdays but because Mr Toh was off, so we went out.

不出门就没事,一出门就daiji liao liao.  T_T


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