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Mandarin Orchard Wedding Show

Posted on: April 23, 2012

I was meeting Christina for a wedding show at Mandarin Orchard on Sunday! We were one of the 1st 50 to register so it was free for us! Wee!

Mr Toh say why free one never tell him earlier. *uncle please* LOL. Too bad he have to work lah.

Was in a good mood even though I woke up really early at 8am plus. Since I had nothing to do, I slowly started to get ready.

What I wore. My Love Bonito Breleigh Blouse with my Topshop skinnies! Been wanting to try this combi for quite a while now. How does it look? Wanted to belt it but it makes me feel fat. =X

Can you tell I have makeup on?
(Sorry for the dirty mirror, need to get it cleaned.)

Perhaps only on the eyes. Why do I look like I have single eyelids?! Why! =X

Met Christina outside the hotel and we went up to register first. The 1st impression here was reaaally bad. First, the registration lady couldn’t find our names. We were waiting there for a good 3 or 4 minutes.

Then when she found our names, she gave her colleague the names and serial no. 0121 to find our invitation card. Card lady started flipping through the stack of cards and took one out to double check with registration lady but it was the wrong one. So registration lady gave her the names and serial number again.

Card lady started searching again, halfway through, 2nd registration lady asked her to find another card, 0112. She finally found a card but it was 0112. She took it out and wanted to pass it to us. O.O I told her it’s not ours, then she passed it to the correct couple who were standing beside us.

You would expect her to continue searching for our card right? That’s what I thought too. But nope! She acted as if her job is done and stood at the side. WTF? Helloo? 0121 remember?

Another lady (let’s call her card lady 2) came to the table and sat down but it was like we were invisible. I had to ask her for our card and I gave her the serial no. 0121. She was like, “Can I have your names?”. I was pissed off by then, I said, “Our names are so-and-so, serial no. 0121. Your colleague already gave this lady (points at card lady 1) our names and serial no. twice.”.

I then told Christina that I saw our card already. It was right below card no. 0112 when she pulled it out! Card lady 2 finally found our card. No apologies, no nothing. Really a waste of time and such inefficiency! I wonder how they organized the names that they couldn’t find the names. Zzzz. I don’t know if this might sound like a small thing to some of you but it really gave me a bad impression.

Who knows, if I hold my wedding dinner there, on the day itself, they tell my guests no such wedding here tonight. Major ZZZ!



The 1st item on the agenda was a fashion show by Solitare The Atelier. No photography allowed so no pictures.

Actually that was the only item on the agenda besides the 3 lucky draws which were held at 1:30pm, 2:30pm and 3:30pm. There was an hour break in between each draw but no programmes! So boring!!!

After the fashion show, there was food served, canape style. I don’t have anything against canape style but this was lunch time. A lot of us haven’t had anything to eat yet. There was only 4 types. I took 1 of each. After finishing that, we were still hungry so we went to take more. Imagine our surprise when there was nothing left. The tables were EMPTY.

There was dessert too…but…seriously? The food ran out that quick or were you just ill prepared? Do I sound like some greedy Singaporean? =X Hope not..because the portions were really ridiculously small and pathetic. I was so sian by then I just didn’t want to eat anymore even though I was still hungry. T_T

There was the site tour as usual so we went on that after eating. We went to 2 of their smaller ball rooms, Grange Ballroom is for 8-10 tables and Imperial Ballroom for 22 tables.

Imperial Ballroom. Unique layout but a tad confusing..



The foyer attached to the ballroom where you can use it for ROM or cocktail hour. I felt it was quite drab, perhaps because the curtains were drawn and there were no lights.

Pretty lights at the lift lobby.

Invitation card samples at the Grange Ballroom.

Love the color of this card.

Pink ribbon! These cards were modern and nice but I felt they were too simple, like I can do it myself too.

A slightly more traditional approach.

They displayed several themes as well.

“Cloud Nine”. Quite classy & romantic with the pearls and the peach roses.

Closer look at the centerpiece. I don’t really fancy pearls so this is not for me.

“Eternity”. Simple and kinda romantic feel with the candles in the little pots. I like the gold and white color theme.

Centerpiece. Don’t really like the white and yellow roses combi though. =X

Table setting for “Eternity”. The swan napkin reminds me of Saffron days where we’d learn how to fold napkins. But I can’t remember any of it at all. =X I like the gold plate and cutlery.

“Naturally Yours”. It looks sad. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be this plain or they forgot to put something? No one was around for us to ask so….can’t answer that. *shrugs*

Table setting, very traditional.

“Eastern Eden”. Looks more luxurious compared to the rest, mixture of red and a touch of black from the chairs. I wonder if the elderly will not like it because of the black chairs.

Centerpiece. Not that eye catching, quite simple and eastern indeed. I find this very cute though.

Table setting. Same cutlery as “Eternity”.

Sample wedding cake. Quite lovely.

“Eternity” decorations.

“Eastern Eden” decorations.

After the site tour, we went back to the wedding show and waited for the 3rd lucky draw. We missed the 2nd one due to the site tour…wonder if we won anything.

Lots of people weren’t there to claim their prizes, probably left due to boredom. Really, it was so boring, I kid you not. No programmes left and still hold 3 lucky draws an hour apart? *sigh*

Overall, there wasn’t anything to excite me. The themes were blah, the fashion show was OK, there were some really pretty cheongsams though. Gets me thinking about wearing a cheongsam instead of evening gown. But I no figure to pull that off. *sad face* Oh, who am I kidding? I no figure to pull anything off! LOL!

Thank goodness we didn’t pay! Imagine if we did, I’d be majorly pissed off! Super waste of $. I pity those who did. Also, another thing, no sales person approached us at all. Why! 2 ladies cannot go wedding show together meh?! The boyfriend/husband not free cannot meh?! But they also didn’t approac another couple who were with us. Weird. Not that interested in making business perhaps.

After that disappointing show, we went to TCC @ Yacht Club at Danny’s (Christina’s friend) suggestion for lunch! So hungry lor….wtf.

I’ve never been here before. So pretty! Wish I own one of these. =P


Danny said he wish he own the whole marina! Got ambition! Lol!

My crab & corn chowder. Yummeh!! Flavourful and a little sweet, I love it~

Seafood aglio olio. *drools* The scallops and prawns were so fresh and juicy! I prefer the aglio olio to be a little more spicy though.

The only bad thing about this meal. My Ice Lemon Tea. Very blah. Tea was weak and there was no lemon taste also even though there were 2 slices! Lousy lemon.

We sat there chatting till the sun set and only left at around 8pm plus. =X Sooo many things to talk about. Vicky & Danny are very friendly and knowledgeable!

After we left, they sent me back to Hougang, directly below my block before sending Christina back to Tampines. Super nice of them!

Met Mr Toh at the coffeeshop nearby after he got off work to buy his dinner and complained to him about the lousy wedding show. =X

But luckily, the day was redeemed by a wonderful meal with wonderful company~


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