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Friday the 13th

Posted on: April 14, 2012

I never really believed in the superstition of Friday the 13th being unlucky. But…I was really quite unlucky yesterday.

Here’s what I wore to work yesterday after being on MC on Thursday.

Knit top with my trusty Cotton On shorts.


When I was at the office, I realised the top was very loose. I thought back to how some people say it will get bigger with each wash but I didn’t expect it to be this big. Then I suddenly saw what the problem was.

It had split down my left side!

Oh my goodness. T_T I wonder when it started to split….when I was on the train? *gasp* I hope not! But luckily no ‘run light’ as I was wearing a spag top inside! Heng ah! Went to get it amended during my lunch break~ $3 only, done in 3 mins. The very nice auntie even helped me sew the other side, she said she scared later the other side split also. T_T~~

I was feeling really hot after coming back to the office (also shun bian tabao-ed lunch for everyone) so Irene switched on the air con in the office and adjusted the vents down. Very shiok for me. Unfortunately, Weiliang who is sitting beside me, kena the cold air directly! So Irene did this.

Ninja in the office! LOL. Laugh die me.

After work, I took bus 167 to Thomson Plaza to look for Mr Toh. The bus driver was HORRIBLE!!!! He shut the door and slammed on the gas pedal before I could even tap my card and I almost fell down. Wtf lah. Then proceeded to drive the whole journey like he was rushing for reincarnation. -.-

Thomson Plaza was having a kind of food fair at the atrium, I was 10 mins early so I was walking around and I saw a stall selling flavoured rice biscuits! Got seaweed, cheese, curry, butter and normal flavours. They had this machine that was banging out the biscuits! Really banging because every biscuit came out accompanied with a ‘BANG’ sound! Mr Toh finally figured out that was what he has been hearing the whole day. LOL. We bought the seaweed ones after trying all the flavours. *auntie* 3 packets for $12~


We had bak chor mee at Meng’s Kitchen for dinner (extra vinegar and chili sauce pls!) then took 132 back home. This 132 bus driver, I believe he’s related to the 167 bus driver. Same driving style, very reckless as well. But this one worse, he steps on the brake pedal as if it is his sworn enemy. T_T Mr Toh still can sleep until very shiok…I just felt like puking. *sigh*

9th braces appointment today! Yes, I am keeping count. =X No change of wires, just change of bands. I used up all my rabbit bands yesterday. T_T Asked Dr Djeng for 2 packets this time just in case. Hee. But my teeth is hurting a little. =( Hope it gets better soon.

Am meeting Christina for dinner at The Red Chef restaurant at the Civil Service Club. It’s at Bt Batok……so far!! The restaurant is opened by Chef Eric Teo. Mr Toh was so jealous. =X Nvm lah, we go together another time ok? =P

Got to leave the house now. Byee!


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