I am Mrs Toh

I am a first class idiot.

Posted on: April 12, 2012

Yeah, I really am.

Last Friday, our mouse spoilt. So while I was at Sim Lim Square with Piriya and Su, I bought a wireless mouse to replace it. When I got home that night, I surprised Mr Toh with it after he was convinced that our mouse was really spoilt. But……after he tore open the packaging and was about to use it, he realised that there was no receiver for it. Umm…I then saw the packaging.


Nothing wrong right? Wireless mouse ma.

Closer look.

For notebooks with Bluetooth technology. Notebooks! ARGH!!! Idiotic me! I said sorry to Mr Toh, sorry that his wife is an idiot. LOL. I was kicking myself. So stupid of me! Never see properly! Your eyes for what one! Darn it! But it’s OK…I got it at $56, got discount of $3. We cannot use nvm…I gave it to his younger brother Keqing to use. Heehee. No waste no waste. =P Luckily Keqing has a spare wired mouse so we used that first.

On Saturday after my facial, I was rotting at home. Wanted to cook instant noodles. I ended up breaking a bowl and cutting my hands, yes, handS, both. In 4 areas no less. T_T~~~~~~ One particular cut on my left palm was deeper and kept bleeding non-stop.

Left hand.

Right hand.

*sigh* Super duper suay! After putting on the bandages, I continued cooking my mee, making more effort to be careful.

All the other cuts are more or less healed already, only this one still very ugly looking.

I told Mr Toh that I was worried it may leave a scar, he said, “Nvm, that one is battle scar.” T_T” What battle scar sia….battle with a bowl ah? Lol.

Anyway…I am on MC today! Been years since I’ve took one! Have been sick since Tues. I woke up with a painful sore throat, chills and body aches. But I still went to work as one of my colleague is on leave, if I take MC, they’ll be super short handed. Popped 2 Panadols in the morning and felt much better till the late afternoon when I started feeling really really cold. Popped 2 more Panadol flu max and felt a little better until knock off time. Went home and took a nap. Mr Toh ta-baoed hor fun for me. After eating, I took 2 Decolgen and went back to sleep. I had a fitful sleep…kept waking up and I was drenched in sweat each time. I vaguely remember Mr Toh feeling my forehead and asking if I felt better.

Unfortunately, when I woke up the next day, I was still not well. Urgh….dragged my sorry ass to work and my manager told me to go see a doctor and take MC. But as I have to go down to the ICA today, I told her I’ll see a doc after work and take the MC today. 顺便. And she agreed. So I met Mr Toh at Compass Point Raffles Clinic yesterday. I was feeling really cold while waiting for my turn, my hands were freezing cold. I touched Mr Toh’s arm to show him how cold I was and he held my hands to keep it warm. Awww. I didn’t even mind that our hands got sweaty after a while. Hahaha. =X Doc said I have a bad case of tonsils infection and a fever of 38.5 degrees. T_T To think that I managed to ‘tong’ until after work. *sigh* He gave me a gargle for my throat, panadol for the fever and antibiotics. HUGE ones. I’ve never taken such huge pills before, omg. End up have to crush the tablet into smaller pieces each time I take them. Heehee.

Went to ICA today morning to settle some stuff and realised I have a craving for ramen. So I got off the bus at Nex and tabao-ed miso ramen. Suddenly remembered that I still haven’t bought a new mouse so I hurried to Courts to get one, double and triple checked that the one I wanted to buy can be used for computers. We don’t want a repeat idiotic situation, do we? Got home and plugged it in and YES! It works! Yay! Happily ate my ramen while watching HIMYM. *happy*

Love that they packed the soup and noodles in separate containers.

The noodles and other ingredients.

The soup.

With our powers combined, we are yummy ramen! Sorry, that’s lame. =X

New mouse! Purposely bought a red one, I think red gadgets are so chio.

I love Logitech stuff and this mouse rocks! The scroll button is so quiet!! Our old mouse had a very noisy scroll button that goes ‘click click click’ whenever we scrolled down. I always feel bad using it at night on days when Mr Toh sleeps earlier than me. Now no need feel guilty already! Yay!


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