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Qing Ming Festival – 清明节

Posted on: April 1, 2012




I went tomb sweeping yesterday with Zhiwei and Mommy. Woke up at 6:40am so that I can meet Zhiwei at AMK at 7:30am. We headed to Woodlands to pick Mommy up and to buy the stuff needed. Halfway buying the stuff, I saw a familiar face! It was the auntie who sells duck rice at one of the coffeeshops at my workplace. Such a coincidence! Haha~ Chatted for a little bit before we continued buying our stuff. After buying everything, we were getting ready to head to Mandai when Mommy received a phone call. It was from my uncle who asked my mom to send them to Chua Chu Kang. They were gonna sweep the tomb for my maternal great-grandma.

The thing is…..it was raining. And they also had a lot of stuff for praying. They were supposed to follow another uncle who drives a lorry. But that uncle was fetching his daughter so he was gonna be late. Then my uncle told my mom to send them to CCK first, the stuffs can be collected later. But………it was raining! Even if we send them to CCK, they also cannot do anything. Also, their stuffs were not there. Send them there for what?? I was so pissed off…..because their planning sucks. Why can’t they just wait till the rain stop and go together in the uncle’s lorry?

We reached their void deck at 9am and all their stuffs were there. No way all of it can fit in the car. So we just stood there waiting. They also buay paiseh and just let us keep on waiting. I didn’t even know what we were waiting for?? It was still raining. Because I had something on in the afternoon, Mommy asked if I wanted to leave first. OMG. I got so pissed off, I just stared at her and said I wanted to go pray to Daddy, that was why I am here! We continued waiting for god-knows-what, after 15 minutes, Mommy asked me again if I wanted to leave first. I was really annoyed by then and said loudly that I WANTED to pray to Daddy, if not, what for I wake up so early?! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

In the end, we waited until my uncle with the lorry arrived and we all headed to CCK. It was already 10am plus………..fucking waste of my time. I was pissed off not so much because I had something on in the afternoon, nor was it because my brother had to return the car to his father-in-law at 12pm. It was because they took things for granted, we are NOT obligated to send you there OK?? Not even a word of thanks. Seriously, I have some of the worst kinds of relatives. Pfft.

After everything was done, Zhiwei dropped me off at Khatib and I headed to City Square Mall~! I was a qualifier for the Great Radio Game so I went down for the grand draw to see if I was lucky. I wanted the aircon set! But….nope, I didn’t win a thing. Haha. But it was OK. I got to see Divian from 987FM! He is so cute and so funny on air!


This is the only photo I have of him, because I was too paiseh to take more photos. =X

After the draw was over at around 3:30pm, I was starving! I only had a cup of soya milk the whole day. I bought melon tea from Gong Cha, recommended by my Mr Toh.

Not bad at all, very fragrant melon taste and not too sweet. *slurp*

Then I bought Tori Q on my way home from Hougang!



Oh delicious sticks of yummeh, get in ma tummy!!!

After eating, I was bored so I made some bookmarks! I followed the instructions that I found here.

I’ve been looking around for this kind of bookmarks but the ones that I found are pretty pricey. So I made some!

I love this quote and I put it on one of the bookmarks.

Time spent reading, like time spent loving, increases our lifetime.


OFTD yesterday~

OP printed top, denim skirt, pumps from taobao.com!

Headed to Mommy’s place today to help her do some praying at home. Bought something for brunch! Soya milk + youtiao + fried bananas + butterfly! Yummeh~


And after praying, had Mommy’s home cooked food for late lunch~ Fried kway tiao, ngoh hiang, fried tofu, stir fried veggies, roast pork and roast chicken. She also cooked bak kut teh. I love Mommy’s home cooked food. =)


Today is a bad day to not put on sunscreen. It was so hot and so sunny!! I was in a rush this morning to get out of the house with Mr Toh so I skipped that. Oops. Rushed to Kovan to help Mommy buy roast chicken for praying today. I was kinda late so the stall that I usually buy from didn’t have any roast chicken left. I tried my luck with the other stall, the lady mentioned she has a half roast chicken left but it’s already chopped. That was exactly what I wanted! So yay!! So lucky to get the last chicken!

It appears that every Sunday is Pamper Myself day! Did a hair treatment followed by a facial mask.  I have to try to mask at least once every week. I still have 1 1/2 box of masks left! Got to finish them before they expire. Heh.

Waiting for Mr Toh to get off work….I am hungry!


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