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HDB / New phone / Genki Sushi / Soon Kee Duck Rice

Posted on: December 5, 2011

We have finally submitted our new flat defect list to the BSC last Saturday. We had to buy a padlock for the gate as they are not supposed to take the apartment key. We had to walk to Sheng Siong in the rain. T_T

Anyway, glad that that is over at last! Now, we will have to wait for them to finish repairing the defects.

Before going down to Punggol, we went to get my new phone!! Galaxy S2! Mr Toh ported over his Singtel number to Starhub, the price of the mobile is only S$298 after signing a 2 year contract @ S$38/mth. It’s a pretty good deal. Then we traded in his Blackberry 9700 for S$130. So we only paid S$168 for the phone~ Great deal! I am so happy with it! It is an awesome phone with many small thoughtful features that I love!

We left for Sengkang after that to meet up with a financial adviser from HSBC. I am pretty interested in their savings plan, but what with the new flat and all, that will have to be put on hold.

Our next stop was Serangoon! Mr Toh wanted to watch movies, so we bought tickets for Puss in Boots @ 7:00pm and Already Famous @ 9:30pm~ Puss in Boots was pretty ‘meh’ while Already Famous was hilarious!

Between the 2 movies, we had an hour break so we rushed to find some food to eat. We ended up at Fish & Co. We knew what we wanted already so when we were seated, I placed the order with the waitress and asked if she could expedite our order as we have a show to catch. We both had the New York Fish & Chips. She was very nice about it and the food came after around 10 minutes which is pretty fast! Thumbs up for good service! We were done with 10 minutes to spare. Hahahha~ Luckily I am not those dainty damsels who eat a small morsel at a time. =D

On Sunday, I met up with Christina @ Orchard~ Goodness, I forget how crowded it gets during weekends. T_T We had our lunch at Genki Sushi, Orchard Central. That place is so high tech! There is an ipad for every table and you use that to order your food (max. 4 items per order) then the food gets delivered via this train thingy at the side of your table. So cute! The food was pretty delicious. I thought it was better than Sakae Sushi.

Food train!! Kawaii!

My chawanmushi and lobster salad sushi at the back

Super yummy seared kani sushi with a special sauce!

Crispy salmon skin temaki. *drool*

We spent the day walking around Orchard, crossing the roads in the rain & buying clothes, makeup & Christmas presents. =D It was a very enjoyable day out with my babe~

I was meeting Mr Toh for dinner at his work area so we left Orchard at around 8pm plus. Chris accompanied me to the bus stop where there is 132 direct to Thomson! Awesome~ We had a good chat while waiting for the bus. =)

When I reached Thomson Plaza, Mr Toh *just* got off work, the timing was perfect if I say so myself. Haha!

We went for dinner at Longhouse, recommended by his colleague. I have never been here before, so we didn’t know what was good. I checked Foursquare and so many of them was recommending the Soon Kee Duck Rice. So we gave that a try! Mr Toh also ordered Tom Yum soup and satay (which is not picured). Small dinner feast FTW!

I loooove the meat and the sauce! Hated the tau pok though. So dry and tasteless, like cardboard.

Succulent duck meat and delicious flavourful sauce. *drools*

The tom yum soup was nice, sour and spicy. But I thought it wasn’t spicy enough. It was still very enjoyable though.

Sour & spicy tom yum goong!

Can’t wait for the items for my reddit santee and my colleagues to get here! I wanna start wrapping presents!


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