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Posted on: November 24, 2011

Saturday 12/11/11
I woke up when Mr Toh left for work to give him a goodbye kiss then fell asleep back. It started raining when I was still sleeping & eventually I woke up at around 3pm. Shiokness!
I proceeded to stay at home the whole day!
I was busy catching up with the TV shows that I’ve downloaded but hadn’t watched yet.

After Mr Toh got off work, he tabao-ed dinner back & we watched How To Train Your Dragon together~! ❤ ❤

Sunday 13/11/11
I woke up at the same time as Mr Toh & sent him off at the door & continued watching my TV shows.
I wanted to make a trip to the library at first but in the afternoon, it started raining again. The weather is telling me not to go out! So I took a nap! Shiokness~!
Gugu bought dinner back for Grandpa and asked me to join in as she had bought a lot. So I ate a little and met Mr Toh for his dinner at 212. I then ordered french fries again. Gosh, if I continue eating like this, I’ll gain back the little weight I lost! Must try to control a bit.

Tuesday 15/11/11
Mr Toh’s off today & tomorrow! We had dinner at 212 again. I love the wanton noodle & macaroni there! We shared a plate of fried wantons. Yum.
Mr Toh had borrowed Mythbusters DVD from the library so we watched that~

Wednesday 16/11/11
Mr Toh said yesterday that he wants to go Changi Village for dinner today. I thought that was really random. Lol.
So I met him at Tampines and that bugger was late! *evil stare*
We took a bus to Changi Village for our ipoh hor fun! Mr Toh bought it from the stall with the blue signboard. I like mine with the chicken chop but the chicken chop wasn’t very nice today, not the same as what I remember. Makes me wonder if the chicken chop from the other stall tastes better? We’ll give the other stall a try the next time we come.


After dinner, we took a slow walk along Changi Beach, it was reaaally quiet but romantic. But it was also kinda creepy because it was so late at night already. I was walking a little fast and Mr Toh chided me for walking so “slowly”. =P

We then walked back to the coffeeshop for Le Xuan Dim Sum~ We didn’t order much, just egg tarts and prawn dumplings. The egg tarts were a little small, the crust was nicely baked and the egg was OK. We felt that the crust was too thick as the egg portion was quite small. The skin of my prawn dumpling was quite horrendous, but the prawns were juicy and fresh. Overall, the dim sum was kinda average.
I was so full after that….we decided to cab home as it was already 10pm~

I love my Mr Toh! ❤

Thursday 17/11/11
Mr Toh bought dinner back because I was feeling too lazy to go out. =X

Saturday 19/11/11
Mr Toh’s off day!!! Awww yeah!!
We went praying @ Bugis and had our lunch there after that. The weather was soooo sunny! But it started raining cats & dogs halfway through our lunch! We were trapped….so we bought an umbrella for $7.90. Had to pick and choose 1 that wasn’t so ugly. Lol.
We took the train to City Hall because Mr Toh wanted to bring me to the food expo to support his friend who is having a booth there to sell beancurd. When we got off at City Hall, he checked the SMS that his friend sent him, and realised that it was at Expo, not Suntec like he originally assumed! Grrr! Luckily he checked, if not, we’d have made a wasted trip! So we headed over to Expo~ The beancurd was gooood! I like how it’s very flavourful and not too sweet. We also found out that they’re opening a shop at Kovan! Like, omg, so near to us! Mr Toh promised to patronise them more in future.

Sunday 20/11/11
Sunday’s my official rot-at-home day. Unless my Mr Toh is having his day off, then it’s another story.

Monday 21/11/11
I had to OT so I met Mr Toh at Dhoby Ghaut to go back to Kovan & have dinner together~

Tuesday 22/11/11
Mr Toh met his friend for dinner, he only told me at the last minute. Luckily I had ate some sushi and wasn’t feeling too hungry. *bleah*


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