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Posted on: November 14, 2011

Friday 28/10
I left the office at 3:30pm and met Mr Toh, Keqing and Wensheng at the bus stop beside Downtown East. Xiangming was supposed to join us but the poor thing was sick, vomiting and having diarrhea so he was resting at home.

We checked into the room first, then went to McD for something to eat as Mr Toh have not eaten and we were all hungry too.
We decided to BBQ tonight so we asked Dad to bring the food to us tonight.
Halfway through our meal, he called to say he reached already! So I gobbled down the rest of my fillet o fish and we tabao the rest. Auntie and Hongyi came too~

They stayed for a while then left. We headed to NTUC wanting to buy something for tonight as well as to catch a movie! Bought tickets for In Time @ 9:50pm. There was still quite a lot of time so we went to NTUC to buy our stuff and headed back to our room to put them. Then we played Monopoly Deal, sponsored by Keqing. It was so fun that we almost lost track of time and were late getting into the cinema, so we missed the first few minutes of the show.

It was a good show, the storyline was pretty interesting.

We had our BBQ and played Monopoly Deal till 4am! No wonder I was so tired!

Mr Toh hard at work setting up the fire!

Preparation in progress~!

Burn baby burn! =X

Enjoying our food after some hard work!!

Saturday 29/10
Went for my dental appointment at 11 and headed back to the chalet. Orange bands this time baby! Teeth also hurting bad, but the soreness was gone after 1 day.

When we got back, Dad and the rest had arrived too. We had wanted to go to the pool but because Huimin and I did not bring our swimsuits, they suggested to buy. So Mr Toh, me, Huimin & Wensheng walked over to Downtown East, but when we got there, somehow they had convinced us to go to Wild Wild Wet as we have 4 free tickets! And no need to wear swimsuits in Wild Wild Wet! We walked back to the chalet and asked who else wanted to go. Auntie Lisa and Xiangming joined us. We spent only $16 on two extra tickets using Keqing’s Nebo member card. It was pretty fun, but also really tiring! There was dark clouds threatening during the afternoon, but it went away after a while~

After getting back to the chalet, we washed up and prepared for battle!! Actually, no, not battle, just BBQ. His youngest uncle and auntie came at around 7pm plus~ The food was almost ready then.

We had satay, chicken wings, hot dogs, crab sticks, dory fillet in sambal sauce, other kinds of fish, bacon, corn, potatoes, and some other things I can’t remember. Yums!

I do remember Mr Toh snapped at me during the BBQ…his temper is so bad. I feel like smacking him!

Sunday 30/10
Checked out at 10am (actual check out time was 10:30am), Dad drove us home and we were home by 10:30am! After showering, me and Mr Toh were knocked out until 6pm.
We headed out for dinner. We had wanted to go to Chomp Chomp but decided against it in the end as we have had enough of BBQ food.

So we ended up going for crispy prata @ Upper Thomson. We were sitting at a table outside but no one came to take our order, so Mr Toh walked in to find someone to order, and the guy told him to sit inside as there are more people working inside & only 1 guy running the outside area.
We had their crispy prata & plaster, we also shared a plate of Mutton briyani. The plaster was not bad but our pratas weren’t crispy at all. And the briyani was so disappointing! Firstly, the serving of the mutton was so damn small! Only had like 4 pieces of meat.
Secondly, the rice was so soggy….like they added too much water to it when cooking. Thirdly, the mutton was tasteless.
*sigh* So disappointing. We only ordered the briyani to try after seeing a good review on foursquare. T_T Oh well…probably not gonna have their briyani again.

My anemic looking prata kosong

Disappointing mutton briyani! =(

After dinner, we headed home~
I realised the wire on my right side braces are starting to irritate my mouth and cheek area. T_T Gonna put wax~ Ulcers you leave me alone!


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