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Posted on: November 13, 2011

Monday 31/10
We met Sis for dinner and movie at Tampines! We were catching The 3 Musketeers @ 9:20pm~

First thought: Why is there 2 Orlando Bloom?

Second thought: Wow, fencing is really boring.

Third thought: The ‘fake’ Orlando Bloom is really cute!

Heehee. Still feeling kinda sick… SIckness, Y U NO GO AWAY?!

Tuesday 01/11
It is Mr Toh’s 1st day of work and I hoped that everything will go smoothly for him. Met him for dinner at Kovan after his work~

Wenesday 02/11
I did not wake up coughing in the middle of the night! What an achievement!

Friday 04/11
Went over to Dad’s house in the evening, waited for Mr Toh to buy dinner back for me. 😀 We’re now just waiting for HDB to inform us when to collect our keys to our new flat! But so far, no letter yet.

Saturday 05/11
Today’s Mr Toh’s first off! So happy that he can get weekends off~ Heh~ Our original plan was to meet Kelvin & Sis at her house for cooking + makan session, but Kelvin had something on, so we scrapped that.

We ended sleeping till 3+, *oink* & met Sis at Hougang~ We wanted to check out the G2000 warehouse sale, but we were out of there in 5 mins, there was nothing much.
After that, we headed to Hougang Mall for our lunch + dinner at Zhuang Yuan Fu. Sis was very nice to treat us. I felt bad about it..

Then, Mr Toh wanted to cut his hair, so while he got his haircut, Sis and I went to buy beancurd! She wanted to take a look at the swing Gugu has at her home & didn’t want to go over empty handed. But while we were on the way there, Gugu called and said they were not at home, they were going over to Ah Gong’s house. *faint*
We still ended up going to Gugu’s house, luckily her gate has slits so we can still see the inside. Haha.

We then took bus 81 to return to Sis’s home but we got down at the next stop because the whole bus was so stinky!!! It smelled like salted fish + some stinky cologne.

We end up taking the cab back to Sis’s place & met up with Kelvin. I returned Sis the $ for the beancurd so they ended up being something we bought for Godma & Godpa. Lol.

After sitting for a while, we headed out for supper~ We had prata at Kovan and then Sis sent us home~

Sunday 06/11
Mr Toh had work today. I went over to Mommy’s place and helped her settle some things. Then we headed to Yishun Chong Pang to meet my aunties & uncles~ Bought a pair of grey (again) shoes for work! My current favourite color is grey, can you tell? =X

After that, we headed to Northpoint as my cousins wanted to buy something. We walked around till it was dinner time, but as the foodcourt was really full, we headed to the coffeeshop at Yishun Central instead. After dinner, I parted ways with them to take the bus back to Hougang.

Monday 07/11/11
Public Holiday FTW!! Slacked the whole day! Slept till 3+ in the afternoon and watched my TV shows till Mr Toh got off work and met him for dinner. 😀

Tuesday 08/11/11
Mr Toh met his friends after work to go have some drinks and I stayed home and had McD for dinner! Double Filet-O-Fish FTW!

Wednesday 09/11/11
Met Mr Toh @ Clarke Quay for ramen! I ❤ Santouka~ But we felt that the standard kinda dropped…. Hmmm…

Pork cheeks!!! *Drool*

Thursday 10/11/11
Met Mr Toh at Bishan for dinner. I was having diarrhea the whole day, omg…felt slightly better when I was on the way to meet him, but had to go to the toilet twice. T_T

We had Din Tai Fung for dinner! Happily ordered their fried rice, xiao long bao & siew mai but it was an unhappy meal. The food was not nice. We much prefer the Tampines branch. *sigh*

Egg fried rice. Pretty 'meh'.

Xiao long baos! We prefer the ones at Zhuang Yuan Fu... *sigh*

Funny looking siew mai. Very bland. T_T

This was really not a good meal! We then took the bus back to Hougang and met Andrew for tea~

Friday 11/11/11
Did some OT after work. Realised I was the only one left when leaving the office. Creeeepy! I didn’t even dare to go to the loo. Lol!
I had a sudden craving for crayfish pasta. So I met Mr Toh for dinner, I wanted to go have Swensens! Reach Orchard at 9pm sharp and was on my way over to Paragon when Mr Toh called~ He has gotten off work~ Wee!

We walked over to Cineleisure as I saw a Swensens there when I passed by on the bus earlier, but, turns out that is only Swensens Cafe! Duh! The cafe word was too small, I didn’t see it. T_T

We asked the staff and they said the nearest Swensens restaurant was at Centrepoint~Hurriedly went in and ordered! I was so freaking hungry!

Deep fried mushrooms! Sooo yummy!!! ❤

Mushroom soup. Very chunky and bland tasting. Not sure if the deep fried mushrooms affected our taste.

Cheesy baked mussels with garlic! Although a tad salty but delish!!!

My crayfish pasta~ The cayfish was so yum!

That was quite a satisfying meal~ But no more big meals like this! Budget budget~ Our home is coming soon and we need more $$!!


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