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Posted on: October 28, 2011

Monday 24/10
I had a really bad night’s sleep….I kept waking up in the middle of the night because I couldn’t breathe and because of my coughing fits.
Finally gave up and woke up at 6:30am. Mr Toh was still awake and asked why was I awake so early. I didn’t even feel like talking so I just pointed to my throat. *sigh* My eyes and face were also really puffy, because I drank too much water before I slept. Grrr! All thanks to my stupid throat.
My eyes were feeling really tired the whole day, like I couldn’t open them fully.
Not a good day for me, definitely.
Bought dinner home for myself after work as Mr Toh ate already.

Thank goodness this week’s a short week due to Deepavali holiday on 26/10.

Christina’s asked us along for cycling on Wed morning. And we *might* be playing LAN on Tues evening. I suppose we’ll just have to end early.

Tuesday 25/10
Tomorrow is a public holiday! I love and also hate that. Haha.

Tomorrow’s cycling trip is confirmed! Gonna be meeting them at 7am. Goodness, gotta wake up even earlier than workdays.

Didn’t want to LAN today but Mr Toh said there’s double experience and free stuff!! So of course must go!! Haha~

But server maintenance was extended from 7pm till further notice….so no DN yet. We went home after dinner and watched X Factor instead!

Frigging pek chek by my cough. Coughed until I feel like vomiting. Super irritating!

Was gonna go to sleep around 1am when Mr Toh said he was hungry. I was super hungry too, but I was also really tired. He then said he thinks I don’t wanna eat because I looked tired. Just at that moment, my stomach growled really loudly! I looked at my  him and said, “可是它要吃”. So we headed out for supper at McD’s! ❤

Wednesday 26/10
I had a bad night’s sleep again. Woke up at 6 to prepare to go out. We were a little late reaching East Coast Park.

After breakfast (I only had a hasbrown), we headed to rent our bikes while Doreen & her friend WY put on their rollerblades. The bike costs $6 for 1hr + 1hr free. But the bikes are pretty lousy…I’ve never even seen that brand before. Lol.

We cycled over to Bedok Jetty and back. Chris and I slowly cycled back chit chatting when Mr Toh cycled past us looking really funny! His gear was really loose so his legs were moving a lot and his head was also moving up and down. LOL!! So funny lah! Too bad I couldn’t video it.

We were gonna return the bikes at around 10:30am, Mr Toh was waiting for us beside the bike shop. When Chris & I joined him, we realised it was the wrong shop. Lol, blur blur Mr Toh. So we turned around to go to the correct shop, then I heard Chris ask, “Why is there $50?” and looking at the floor. She picked it up and looked around. There was no one near us. But it wasn’t ours as we did not have a $50 note. So we did what any normal person would do, we kept it and walked to the shop to return our bikes. To be honest, in that situation, how do you determine whose $ that is if you asked around?

We ended up at Coffee Bean and split it among the 3 of us. I remarked to Chris that I didn’t even look at the ground. And Mr Toh was standing there the longest! Lol….

We waited for Doreen and WY to join us. After cooling down, we went for lunch. We decided to eat the coffeeshop near Doreen’s house. WY wasn’t joining us, so he dropped us off at Doreen’s house. She wanted to drop off her heavy rollerblades. Then she asked her dad for the car and we decided to go somewhere further, like Chomp Chomp! But when we were nearing Serangoon, Chris’s mom called her and asked her to go along with them to visit her aunt as she wasn’t feeling well. So Doreen dropped her off at Serangoon Central.

When we reached Serangoon, the Chomp Chomp hawker wasn’t open! So we ended up at the other hawker having the famous Ah Seng Duck Rice. There was quite a queue. We spent about $4 per person for a plate of braised duck meat + tau pok + braised pork. Yummy!! The portions were quite big too. Not niao at all! Very value for $!

Halfway through our meal, it started raining really heavily! Zzz….. Luckily Doreen brought an umbrella along, if not we’d have to walk to the car in the rain. She dropped us off at our house~ ^^

We napped for a while before waking up at 6plus. We wanted to play DN as there was double XP and free CC items to compensate for the unexpected server downtime delay the day before. Mr Toh said if he doesn’t level to 32 tonight, his surname won’t be Toh. So serious…haha. We took the 3 hour package and played till 9plus….we still had about 15mins to go, but I wasn’t feeling well so we left early. I went to bed early and Mr Toh continued playing. He really leveled to 32 that night!

Thursday 27/10
Goodness, it feels like a Monday. But no worries, tomorrow’s Friday! Wee!!

Mr Toh went for an interview today and is now waiting for their confirmation. Wish him luck yeah?

Met him for dinner and headed home after that. I packed my bag for the weekend and slept early again, hoping to miraculously recover by tomorrow. Lol.

Friday 28/10

No miracles today. T_T

I am taking 3 hours time off today as we need to help out at the chalet~

Woke up with my nose still blocked with yellow mucus. Eewww…!

I wanna recover lah!


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