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It was a good weekend.

Posted on: October 11, 2011

Friday – 07/10
It was our company’s voting day, voting for Best Employee of the year~. We had nonya buffet for lunch. Food was pretty good but I didn’t have much of an appetite as it was a busy day.

Then it was the 5-year award presentation time! There was a total of 8 of us receiving the award. 😀 Actually, it is only next year March that it will be my 5th year in the company.

The prize was a Mont Blanc pen engraved with our name. To me, the pen itself is pretty ‘meh’, but I love the engraving! It is so pretty!

In these (close to) 5 years, I have learnt a lot and I have to thank big boss Christopher and Eric for giving me the chance as well as all the directors and colleagues for the guidance given all these years. =D

After that, it was time to count the votes for the best employee award. Surprisingly, I had quite a number of votes. Christopher declared that I was leading after a while but soon, Zann caught up and was leading.

Total tally after the whole thing: Zann was the winner (again!) with 16 votes and I was the 1st runner up with 13 votes. Congrats to Zann! Narrowly won by 2 votes as Yuhua from GE Lines had 11 votes.

So, I will be going to Hokkaido with Zann next year. Wee! Wonder if our partners can follow along? Haha.
I was really surprised to get 2nd place but it was a wonderful feeling to get recognition from your fellow colleagues. Even if I didn’t win, it made me feel better just knowing I got votes. 🙂

These 2 make very good birthday presents!

After work, I met Mr Toh at Kovan for dinner and LAN! We had to wait for Wensheng and his gf for LAN though.

While waiting, we got this flyer from this brownie shop that was beside the LAN shop, as we were still waiting for Wensheng, we decided to give it a try since there was 30% off milkshakes and 50% off coffee or tea. Imagine our surprise when we were told that the flyers cannot be used now, only on our next visit. Nvm then, I cancelled the coffee order and only had a brownie and milkshake. Then, we had to wait 20 bloody minutes for 1 milkshake and 1 brownie! Luckily Wensheng and his gf hadn’t reached yet!
After they reached, we took the 3 hours package, Xiangming came to find us after his work, but there was no computer for him, and we had about 9 mins left so we decided to leave and have supper together. They also asked to play again tomorrow evening. But I could only KIV as we were going out with Chris and the gals tomorrow night.

Sat – 08/10
Woke up really early as I received a phone call regarding work at around 11am, then I couldn’t sleep. So I took the time to catch up on my TV shows! Went back to sleep after a while as I needed enough rest for tonight’s activities!

We were pre-celebrating my birthday~~

Woke up again at around 5pm plus, Mr Toh was already awake at that time, watching his HK drama serial. *auntie*

We were late in meeting the girls, only reached Clarke Quay MRT at around 7:45pm when we were supposed to meet at 7pm. T_T Sorry!! All Mr Toh’s fault!

We wanted to have ramen for dinner but there was a long queue and we wanted dinner to be done before 9:30pm so we could save on cover charge for Pump Room. Lol!!

We decided to have Ma Maison for dinner, my mentaiko spaghetti was pretty unusual but delicious! Chris had the same thing as me while Doreen had a chicken dish (the chicken was super tender and the sauce was very nice), Jia went for the beef strogannoff with omu rice (only tried the omu rice and the egg was nicely cooked) and Mr Toh had the tonkatsu curry (curry was very nice but the tonkatsu was too dry).

After dinner, Jia left as she wasn’t joining us for drinks. We headed to The Pump Room~ No cover charge for entry before 9:30pm = WIN! Us gals had the Summer Ale while Mr Toh had their normal lager. I loved their Summer Ale, fruity and refreshing. The place was pretty quiet, we moved nearer to the dancefloor when it was nearing time for their live band, Jive Talking to get on stage. You could see more people doing the same. Their band seems really popular. People were cheering when they got on stage to prepare. Hah. They sang a lot of pop songs, they really sound like 98.7fm, like what Chris told me! Lol~

There’s this particular band member that me and Doreen both thinks he’s pretty cool. He wears a pair of black framed glasses and a newspaper boy hat. He sings, dances AND raps! And he’s pretty darn good at all 3! Took a pic with my camera phone but picture’s very blur.

He seems very flirty though, Mr Toh saw him kissing a lady outside the pub during 1 of their breaks. During their set, he also came down the stage to dance with a lady, but no idea if they are the same lady. Lol. Doreen’s colleague came and joined us at around 2am~

We were at our 3rd beer when Doreen dragged me to the bar and forced me to choose between a flaming lamborghini or vodka shots. I didn’t want the lambo so I chose vodka shots. Who knew it could taste so bad! Never again! Next time anyone asks me that, I’ll ask for tequila shots. Hahahah. She bought 5 shots. 1 for each of us, but Mr Toh refuses to drink and Doreen’s colleague was driving so 1 more shot came to me and the other to Doreen. T_T I was getting high after the 1st shot so I took extra care to pace myself. Didn’t wanna get drunk after not drinking for so long. Also, Mr Toh will be pissed off at me if I get drunk. :p

We danced until my feet broke. Well, almost. We left at around 3am plus, to a drizzling rain and a super long taxi queue. We also saw a horribly drunk man lying beside a vending machine and puking his guts out. Ew.

We decided to walk to McD at Liang Court for some food and drinks. I was feeling peckish so I had a Filet-O-Fish. 😀

Chris left first as she still has church the next day morning. Then Doreen asked her colleague to leave first too as he stays in Jurong! Super far ah! But he super give face to come join us from home! 3 of us then shared a cab home~
It was a fun night and it’s always good to catch up with the girls~ Love them so much!

KO-ed after we reached home and washed up. All pictures with Christina~ Will post them up after I get it from her.

Sun 09/10
Mr Toh did not sleep the whole night, he was still busy catching up on his HK drama. Omg.

I opened my eyes at around 10am and he pounced on me asking if I wanted to go get breakfast. Lol. I said OK and we went to Hougang Mall to have our favourite zha jiang mian and xiao long bao! But we reached a little too early, so we went walking around Hougang Mall, while Mr Toh told me all about the show he is watching. I’ve watched it before but it was very long ago.

After a yummy breakfast, we went home and Mr Toh went to sleep~ I stayed up a while more to use the computer and was gonna fall sleep when I heard a baby crying outside. It was Hong Yi and Mr Toh’s uncle and auntie come to visit Grandpa but he was showering so they were waiting outside.

I let them in and sat with them till Grandpa came out. We then sat around watching a bit of TV. Hong Yi was wary of Grandpa at first but after a while, he warmed up to him and started smiling at him. Aiyo, so cute lah!

After they left, I went back to sleep! Mr Toh woke up earlier than me (because he slept all the way) and was watching his show when I opened my eyes at around 9pm. He then pounced on me again and asked me to wake up for dinner. I wasn’t hungry though…..but I had to accompany him for dinner. He let me sleep a while more and I woke up at 11pm after he finish watching his show. We went downstairs for curry rice~~ I accompanied Mr Toh and watched a little bit of the show and went back to sleep after a while. Shiok~


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