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02/10 – Girl’s Day

Posted on: October 3, 2011

So I met Christina and Doreen at Tampines 1! Today’s our girl’s day out! We pondered for a while before deciding to have our brunch at NYDC. Chris was suggesting Thai Express, Imperial Treasure or NYDC. As I didn’t feel like eating thai food and there was a long queue at Imperial Treasure, we settled for NYDC. Ordered a Caesar salad, carbonara and mushroom munchies to share~ When the salad was served, the waiter told us that the chef knows we like the salad sauce so he gave us more. We were like “???”. We also thought the sauce wasn’t very nice. =X The carbonara and mushroom munchies were yummy though!

After eating, we went back to Chris’s house~ Watched this Hong Kong drama serial~ Really interesting show about using body language and micro expressions to read people and solve crimes~

Took a break after a few episodes and we started making sushi & doughnuts! Pictures below! It was fun!!! Hahahaha, but we didn’t dare to eat our own creations. Rofl!

After that, we ordered Pizza and Mr Toh joined us for dinner~! The night before, he asked what time we were meeting, I said 11am, and he told me that I made an appointment too late, meaning that I informed him about the timing too late. I just told him “I never asked you what!” Hahahaha~ But truth be told, I didn’t think he wanted to go as we are just rotting at Chris’s place doing girlie stuff like watching HK drama serial and playing with the Japanese food thingy, so I didn’t even think of asking him to go.

We ordered Rite Pizza for dinner, the girls wanted to eat pizza but I didn’t want to eat Pizza Hut so I got them to try Rite Pizza! The wings and garlic bread were well received but I thought the pizza wasn’t very nice that day. T_T

We continued watching the drama serial until around 10pm+, I was super sleepy by then!! Hahaha, me and Doreen were like falling asleep. =X

We then shared a cab back to Hougang~ Mr Toh went to meet Andrew to pass him something. I went home, rest a while and went to bed.

It was a really fun day. Just slacking and rotting~~

Can’t wait to meet them again on 15/10!


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