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Updates on Dragon Nest!!!

Posted on: September 28, 2011

Mon 26/9
Was in a really low mood today. Didn’t feel like eating or talking. When we got back home after dinner, Mr Toh went to sleep again leaving me alone playing game. 😦 Went to sleep after a while. Damn sian. I vaguely remembered Mr Toh kept patting and sayang-ing me and that he woke up during the night. But no mood + I was too tired to bother with him.

Tues 27/9
Mood was still low when I woke up. Whole day feeling sucky. Damn damn sian. Sick of feeling this way. Felt slightly better after lunch. Met Mr Toh for dinner at Kovan then went home and played Dragon Nest. They had new maps! Some Wonderland thing + Dark Lair. Finally something new. Then mino-ed with the brothers, but I sucked and died 5 times. Tsk.

Mr Toh went out to meet Andrew while I continued playing. It suddenly became really windy! I mean like REALLY windy, I could hear the wind howling and stuff being knocked over. Thunderstorm time!! Mr Toh said the plates were overturned and chicken wing bones were being thrown all over the place. Lol. He and Andrew also got drenched in the rain. When Mr Toh got back, I was already asleep but my fuzzy memory told me that I asked Mr Toh if he showered after coming home because he was drenched earlier, he said yes and asked me to touch his hair which was still damp from his shower. Will have to check with him if that was true.

Earlier tonight, I got an epic Bear Heraldy plate from the dark lair, Mr Toh initially said he wanted it, so I mailed it to him. But I had to seal it 1st before that and seals were going for a crazy 200gold in-game, so we bought a stack with real cash.
10,000 CC = SGD$10.70. A stack of seals cost 4900 CC which is less than SGD$5. No wonder so many people are selling the seals for gold. Mr Toh ended up selling the plate as he didn’t need it and heraldy plate prices were dropping. He then mailed me the gold~
Now I have 200, just 800 more to get Scrooge title. T_T


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