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August Updates

Posted on: September 8, 2011

Mon 22/8
Mr Toh was due to come home tonight. He had not contacted me at all the whole day, not even when I sms-ed him. Then when I called him at night when I got home, he rejected my call.

I know there’s nothing to be worried about, but I can’t help it if I worry easily right?? And can’t you just spend 10 seconds to drop me a message?

Turns out that he did Whatsapp me… Ytd he showed me the message he sent me. But I never received any message from him! I showed him my Whatsapp, no messages from him at all. I then used my phone to Whatsapp him and he received the message.
He then realised what the problem was. The Whatsapp account he messaged was me, but it was my Blackberry account, which I had already deleted eons ago! Lol…. 摆乌龙。

Wed 24/8
Went with Eric and his client to lunch @ New Harbour Cafe which is right beside Macnels~
His customer recommended the Hokkien Mah Mee which is very yummy but the portion was too big and I couldn’t finish it.

Met Mr Toh and Andrew after work at Nex. As they already ate not long ago and I wasn’t very hungry, I decided to just have dim sum. After dinner, we were planning to go home when we walked past Cafe Cartel. They have 50% off all cakes and coffee after 9pm, so we went in for cakes! But their service sucks.

Thurs night:
Was in a bad mood…probably pms-ing. + Mr Toh hogging the computer, then heard him pick up a call from his friends asking him out and my mood dived even further into the pits. 😦

But Mr Toh was very sweet, he sensed that I was not happy, so he spent some time to pacify me & cheer me up before he went out. Hee. ❤

Fri: 26/8
OT until 8pm. Damn tired. Met Mr Toh at Hougang. Gonna go for dinner at Kovan. Mr Toh asked if I wanna watch Cars 2 tomorrow. But I wasn’t very interested. =X

Sat: 27/8
Waited for Mr Toh to wake up, went to place our vote for PE, then off we go pak-tor-ing~! Hee hee.
Went off to Nex for late lunch and movie. Wanted to watch Cars 2, but last minute we decided to watch Spy Kids. There should be a scratch and sniff card to accompany the movie but we did not receive anything when we bought the tickets leh! Nvm, the movie was crap anyway.

We spent $10 to get this long balloon and a beaded goldfish accessory from this charity event they had at Basement 1. When Mr Toh saw the long balloon, his fingers were itching to try to make a balloon animal.



*almost there!

Ta-daaah! We named him Teddy Tan in honour of the Presidential Elections.

My beaded goldfish accessory.

Went to Dad’s house after that, wanted to watch PE results together but nothing until 11:30pm, we were getting tired so we decided to go home. It is now 2 am as I am typing this and still no result!

Sun: 28/8
Ok, Tony Tan won. Good fight put up by Mr TCB & TJS. Too bad for Mr TKL who lost his deposit.

Woke at 10, waited for Mr Toh to wake up at 1pm plus, then still have to wait for him to smoke and play game. Grrrrrr….angry!!! Don’t like weekends now. Hmph.

Left home to meet Andrew for lunch @ Hougang, but we were too hungry so we ate first. After that, we met up with Xiangming and we went to Godpa’s bicycle shop. They were having a clearance sale~ Mr Toh bought pedals for my bicycle, which has been missing its pedals since last year!! Better late than never? =X

We went for tea and after a while, Sis went back to tend to the shop and we left for Tampines Mall. Mr Toh finally bought this Smurf Tshirt @ Bossini he had been eyeing. He didn’t manage to get it the 1st time they had this but luckily he got it this time! Just in time for the Smurfs movie coming out soon. Can’t wait to catch it! NPH!!

Then, Andrew left to meet Beng while we headed to Dad’s home for dinner. Dad cooked. 😀

We had a feast!! Curry fish, curry prawns, onion omelet (which was delish!), vegetable soup, fried chicken wings & stewed chicken.

Picture is very blur because I was in a hurry to eat. LOL!

There was even dessert! Dessert was grass jelly with longan. Yum yum!

Big thanks to Dad (who cooked) & Xiangming (who paid for the ingredients)~

After dinner, we watched Drive Angry together. Very cool show! But lots of violence, gore and bad language. Also some nudity. It was pretty awesome!  Nicholas Cage is cool and the female lead is very pretty too.

Tues 30/8
It was Hari Raya holiday~ Gonna meet Mommy at AMK to visit my brother’s place.
But first, we had prayers at Grandpa’s house in the morning, for Grandma’s 3rd death anniversary. We were woken up at 9am when I only slept at 4am last night! Mr Toh 更厉害,he  slept at 7am. T_T
So we were pretty much zombified during the prayers.
After the prayers at Grandpa’s house, we rushed over to Dad’s house for more praying, then went back Grandpa’s house for lunch.
Mr Toh then said he wanted to take a nap as he was very tired, so I said OK, but when I wanted to wake him up, he kept telling me later…until I was late in leaving the house. Then! He said he was too tired & didn’t want to go, ask me to tell my mom he is unwell. GRRRR!!!! I was SO pissed off! Don’t want go then say earlier lah, waited until the last minute to tell me and made me late!
Luckily bus 25 to AMK is damn fast.
Mommy was already at my brother’s place with Tai 阿姨 when I reached at 2pm +.
We had lunch, stayed a while and left at around 4pm.  I was freaking tired…so my brother sent me to the bus stop, then sent my mom and aunt back home.
Reached home and KO until 7pm when Mr Toh kacau me. I was still pissed though. Good thing he knew how to read my mood. He apologised and was being real sweet. We went for dinner @ Hougang Mall. Headed to our new favourite restaurant for noodles and xiao long bao~


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