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Posted on: March 7, 2011

Some random updates plus stuff that I wanted to keep for future.

Wednesday 23-02-11
Mr Toh accompanied me for breakfast in the morning, then came to meet me for lunch & we had dinner together after work! *happies*

Busy weekend !

Saturday 26-02-11

Sat morning, we accompanied Keqing to Tampines to do some stuff for his poly enrolment, like thumbprint and Singpass. Why SP poly enrollment soooo many things??? I remember when I enrolled in TP, also never so mafan! Luckily Mr Toh was smart to suggest to go to DBS instead of queuing like an idiot at POSB. Hoho.

After that, Keqing left to meet his friends at Pasir Ris and we had brunch at Tori-Q! It was around 11am, there wasn’t a lot of people and the food and service is much better. Yums~

Wanted to do a 神圣 thing (Mr Toh’s words) and buy Koi to drink but they haven’t opened yet. =( Think they opened at 12pm only.

We then went home and took a nap, as we were attending a wedding dinner at Regent later that night.

Met Xiang Ming and Wensheng at Hougang, where Wensheng bought a new pair of leather shoes, as the ones he had split apart earlier. Lol. =X

We took the train to Dhoby Ghaut, Mr Toh had done a search on Google map and saw that there’s a direct bus to Regent from there, but we were unsure which direction to take. So when the bus came, we asked the bus driver if this bus goes to Regent, he says yes and he’ll tell us when to get off. But as the bus drives along, we got skeptical, because on the GPS map, it shows we were getting further from the hotel! After checking with him again, he thought we were going to Carlton. WTF? Regent and Carlton sounds alike meh??
Nvm, we alighted and took a cab as it was already 8pm. Zzz. When we got there, they were just preparing to walk in for the 1st dish. So still considered not very late lah. Dinner was good, we were seated with Mr Toh’s cousin who was the sister of the bride and her sister-in-law’s family. Wonder why she wasn’t sitting at the VIP table?
Wensheng got bombarded with questions to why he became so fat. =X Xiangming received lots of praise for being 帅. Lol!
We also got bombarded with requests to hold our wedding dinner next year. T_T

After dinner, we got back to Hougang for some tea with the boys and we sat there chatting until 3am plus! Walked home slowly with Mr Toh as my heels were killing me!

Sunday 27-02-11:

We went to pray at 双林寺, Toa Payoh in the early afternoon. While waiting for the lift as we were going out, Mr Toh got a call to go pick up the book he reserved at AMK library. So after praying, we went to AMK for lunch and then to the library.
It is like damn far from the MRT. T_T
I also saw that there’s a really nice McD branch with really great ambience, but we had no time to go there as we were waiting at the library for more than 10 mins for the book. Apparently, there was some problems with the reservation but thankfully, it was resolved. If not, we’d have wasted our time getting there.
We then went to Taka to look for my eyebrow pencil, I decided on Shu Uemura (S$35!!) , but I didn’t buy it yet.
After that, we headed to Carlton Hotel for a dinner. It was Mr Toh’s Grand-Aunt 80th 大寿! Her grandchildren were very sweet, they read a poem for her and they had a cake with a 寿桃 image. The cake was yummy mango! Mr Toh said it reminded him of Emicake’s mango cake which was his Mummy’s favourite. 三婶 also said the same thing. =)
After dinner, the eldest 姑姑 gave each family a box of Royce Chocolates!! My eyes went O.O when I saw it. I tried some of it at Grandpa’s house, it was a light brown box, mild cocoa flavour, I still preferred the green box that Eric always buy for us. =P

Monday 28-02-11

Had a bad start to my day. I used the top up machine to add value to my EZ Link card, but it ate my $10! 😦 The transaction auto cancelled after I put in the $, printed a receipt but didn’t return me the money! Gosh! So pissed off. I had to walk all the way to the other side (this was at Kovan station, it was a long walk from 1 end to the other end) to speak to the customer service. Luckily, the uncle said this often happens (T_T) so he took down my details and topped up the $10 for me. Whew~~

Friday 04-02-11

It was my date night with Mr Toh! It’s the only day he gets off since he started his new job on 28/02/11.

I met him at Nex, Serangoon where we caught I Am Number Four. Before that, we had time to spare, so we went for dinner first. We had the teppanyaki which was in the food court on Level 4, IIRC. It was so so only, we will probably not go back again.

My squid.

His pork with chilli and garlic.

The movie was nice, 有美女&帅哥!

John is an extraordinary teen, masking his true identity and passing as a typical high school student to elude a deadly enemy seeking to destroy him. Three like him have already been killed … he is Number Four. [Source]

I really like the girl that’s number 6 though. She’s damn cool! Can’t wait for the sequel!

Saturday 05-03-11
I met Mr Toh for lunch at his workplace. He recommended this cheesy chicken chop. Damn delish!!

Sunday 06-03-11
Yesterday was Caden’s 1st birthday bash! But the birthday boy was rather cranky, I think it was because the weather was very humid and he was tired. I had fun playing with Nicole though. She is sooo adorable!

I went to Mummy’s place earlier in the afternoon to help her do some stuff. After that, I took the bus to Aloha Loyang, thank goodness for Google map! It was fairly fast, the whole journey took only 1 hour plus, with 1 bus change in between. When I reached Pasir Ris, I was stuck at the stupid bus stop because it was raining and I did not have an umbrella! T_T Stupid me… I asked Crystelle if she could come out to fetch me, but she didn’t know where I was. I think the directions I gave very lousy. Lol. But the rain stopped after that, so I just walked in lah. The food was nice and the cake was very cute. Elmo! I didn’t get to carry Caden though. Only Tommy managed to 骗到他. Haha. We left at around 8pm plus and Tommy gave me a ride home, thank you!


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