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Christmas 2010

Posted on: December 26, 2010

So, I don’t celebrate Christmas, but we had an unofficial gifts-for-everyone session going on at the office, so I bought a little something for everyone~

Wrapped all of it myself, except for that Royce box.

Eric’s gift, cute little miniature perfume~

Irene’s gift, Winne the USB fan. So cute!

Karol’s gift, furry slippers! Very warm and cosy. xD

Piglet cushion/soft toy? from a customer who is away for the holidays but got his colleague to pass our gifts to Eric. So nice!

Naraya pouch from Brandon, always good to have an extra pouch. Cute precious moments stuffed pillow from another customer. She specifically said there are only gifts for the girls, haha!

Mini Forever Friends drawer from Kat. It’s pink! ‘Nuff said. Haha!

Adorable door stopper from Weiliang! Useful to have around at home~

Pink capsules ear phones from Don. I had actually wanted to get a pair of cute ear phones for ages, but my phone’s not compatible with other ear phones and I don’t have an mp3 player, so I couldn’t justify spending $ on it. Now I got it for a Xmas gift! Shows that I’ve been nice this year? Lol!

Little piglet in an airtight container from Steven. So ‘wu xim’ (got heart)! He knows I like Piglet. 1st thing Imma store in that container? Cookies!

Super cute mini fan from a customer! He gave me, Irene and Weiliang each a gift, which he passed to Eric. And Eric just randomly passed it to us. Weiliang then opened the one he got, and out came this pink little thing and he was really puzzled why did the customer buy such a cute little thing for him?! Turns out….that was for me, because I noticed Irene’s name on the gift I got, and Weiliang’s name on the gift Irene got. The gifts got mixed up because Eric didn’t see the names. Haha……ended up Weiliang got a mini fan in the form of a blue spotted mushroom boy, so cute! But if only this gift came 3 months earlier, I could have used it in Bangkok. Lol.

Was on leave on Wednesday. It was my Daddy’s death anniversary, I went home to help my mom with the praying. After that, accompanied Mr Toh to Tampines where he went back to work and I went to City Hall to buy Eric’s gift – Royce Chocolate Potato Chips, cause he’s a big fan of Royce.

I wanted to go the the outlet at Raffles City Shopping Centre which is at City Hall, but I kept thinking that I had to alight at Raffles City. T_T Moments after I alighted, I realised I should have gotten off at City Hall instead….stupid me!

After that boo-boo, I managed to get to the right place and found the shop after a little navigation. Never realised that the basement of Raffles City Shopping Center is quite huge and so confusing. T_T

I bought an extra box for Mr Toh to try. I left it on the computer table in the paper bag still, and when he came home, he saw the paper bag, and it looked empty from the outside, so he asked me, “Why you never buy for me?”. T_T Told him to look in the bag, of course I’d buy it for him to try! I love sharing good stuff with him. *muacks*

After he tried the chips a few days later, he commented that they are very addictive but he prefers their nama chocolate. Well, darling, I’ll try to keep that in mind next time. 😛

On Christmas Eve, Santa Eric strikes again! A little Royce chocolates for everyone! I finished the nutty bar by myself in the office, it was delicious! Then I brought home the cookies for Mr Toh to try. We both loved it, it was really delicious and had a great flavour to it. *drool*

This year’s Christmas at the office was really quiet. No buffet lunch, no log cakes, no lucky draw. =( No restaurant lunch for our own company too. =(( And we could only leave at 4:30pm, ok lah, better than nothing, I know. AND it was raining cats and dogs when we left…..thank goodness Eric gave us a lift to the MRT station. We love Eric!

Christmas Eve night, we went to Sis house for a little gathering. Kelvin whipped up a little something something for us to eat~

Mussels with cheese and fish roe. Damn nice!!! I don’t eat mussels at all because I think they’re damn fishy but this dish really changed my perspective! Yummy!

Fried some mushrooms and cheese sausages.

Our little spread. We bought the chicken wings and onion rings from Kovan. =D

After eating, we had a little wine, watched some CSI & Criminal Minds on Fox. I concussed and fell asleep on the sofa after 1am, I think. While they continued chatting until 2plus and we took a cab home. It was an enjoyable night. =) Thank you~

On Christmas day, we went to catch Yogi Bear the movie!

I found it really entertaining, but no one else thought so…lol. T_T After the movie, we went for dinner at Pizza Hut. Surprisingly, I really liked their Cheesy 7 – Christmas edition pizza. But I could only have 1 slice, any more than that, and it would have been too heavy. I also just realised that we ordered garlic bread yesterday, but it never came. I wonder what happened.

We left shortly after that to join Andrew and Shiyuan for Tron @ Nex! There was a slight mis-communication about the movie timing, we heard it as 9:50pm when it was actually 10:50pm, so we rushed to take a cab down to Nex to meet them at 9pm, but turns out the movie’s only at 10:50pm. We only realised it at ard 10pm…lol. Sotongs.

The storyline was a little confusing but the effects were fabulous. Very cool movie.

After the movie, we walked to 7 star coffeeshop along Upper Serangoon Rd for supper and then walked home~

So that’s how I spent my Christmas in 2010.

Hope ya’ll had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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