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2 more nights!

Posted on: May 15, 2010

Last Sat, we celebrated Mr Toh’s birthday at The Square, Novotel……let’s just say the experience sucked BIG TIME.

There were items missing from the menu stated online, NONE of the items tasted good, except for the ham and chocolate cake, which, to be honest, is EXTREMELY difficult to screw up. It was a very very disappointing meal….but we are very thankful to Kelvin for treating us.

After lunch, we strolled around Clarke Quay aimlessly, no idea where to go. =X We went to Liang Court and browsed around Kinokuniya~

Mr Toh reminiscing his school days where he used that little palette for art~

Mr Toh the artist. Look at his cheeky face! Lol!

Soon, it was dinner time! Mr Toh suggested Ramen Santouka~ We loved it as usual, but Kelvin found it to be too salty. So, it might not be as delicious to you if you can’t take salty food~

After dinner, we went home~

On Sunday, we had lunch @ Bedok then we went back to Mr Toh’s office because he had to clear some work before his reservist. I was there to do free labour…he didn’t even allow me to nap! Hmph…

After that, we rushed back to Yishun to take a bus to Sembawang Shopping Centre~ We were meeting Mummy and Huiyi for dinner @ Chye Lye Fish Head Curry. It has been YEARS since I’ve went there, I think it has been around 12 years? Can’t be sure…..but it really has been a loooong time.

When we arrived at around 6:30pm, the place was already very crowded. Fortunately, Huiyi and Mummy had arrived earlier to book a table for us.

We ordered a small fish head curry, roast chicken, baby kailan and a beancurd dish. The waiting time was verrrry long that day due to Mothers’ Day and a lot of people were ordering for takeaway too. But it was OK, good food is always worth waiting for!

The fish head curry came first, the fish was very fresh, and unlike most places which only serve one side of the head, they served the whole head! The curry was very nice too, fragrant and just spicy enough. I remember my Daddy used to love to eat their eyeballs! Then I would always crinkle my nose at that because I thought it was gross. I still do though! Just that….there’s no one that eats it now.

The roast chicken is also one of their specialties. The meat was tender, just salty enough and the skin was crispy and flavourful. I normally avoid eating breast meat, but I loved this dish, even the breast meat!

The baby kailan and the beancurd dish were both very simple dishes but they were good too. The kailan was not overcooked, unlike most places we’ve tried. I loved the egg sauce on the beancurd dish, and the roast meat in that dish was delicious too.

Overall, we had a really wonderful meal, which more than made up for our disappointment of the previous meal at The Square @ Novotel. =X The bill came up to $40.30 for 4 adults. Totally value for money!

After dinner, we went home to cut cake! Huiyi bought this yummy cake from Prima Deli~

Yummy Dark Chocolate cake~ We also sang 2 birthday songs for Mummy, lol! One English & one Chinese.

We stayed a little while more after that, and left at around 9pm, as Mr Toh still has to pack his bags.

So, he booked in on Monday….it’s now Saturday, just 2 more nights and I’ll have my Mr Toh back.

Yesterday, I met up with the girls, Weishu, Kelly, Candace, Jasmine, Christina and Doreen for dinner and drinks @ Coffee Club, Somerset. We chatted till almost 10pm and then we decided to end for the night and plan on meeting up again maybe on 28/05~

I left with Christ and Do and we went strolling along Orchard Road. But we soon got sian…then Do psychoed Christ to go Paulaner, reason being, that’s the only place we can think of where they have a good live band. They were as good as always!

Cabbed back with them after the band’s last set~

Yesterday Chris asked me if I liked the freedom of being on my own while Mr Toh is in reservist or did I miss him?

I thought about it, and I realised that I really missed him. I missed seeing him, holding his hands and telling him about my day, and complaining about stuff that irked me. Somehow, it just feels really different doing that over the phone.

He told me yesterday that he was not feeling well…because of being cooped up in the stuffy bunk for so many days…but there was nothing I can do about it…it feels so bad. T_T

But it’s OK, just 2 more nights. I’m gonna go over to Mummy’s place tomorrow, and busy myself with my stuff today.

I’ll be OK.


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