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Happy New Year 2010!!

Posted on: January 2, 2010

Last year was a pretty good year for me. Or maybe just a pretty normal year.

1. Resolved never to make resolutions, because I never keep them! But I will keep this one, haha!
2. Got into bowling, even bought my own shoes and ball!
3. Got into board gaming! Something really fun, we should go again sometime soon!
4. Went to the zoo and touched a fawn, a kangaroo, a horse and a rabbit for the 1st time, all in a day! Lol!
5. Participate in Earth Hour 2009!
6. I learned how to ride a bicycle! Thanks to Sis for teaching, and Mr Toh for pressuring me. T_T And cycled to places I never thought I could have before!
7. Survived Mr Toh’s 1 week reservist. =X And his Vegas trip AND his Taiwan trip.
8. Went to Kangxi exhibition~ First time I’ve ever been to anything like that. =X
9. MJ died. T_T (nothing to do with me lah, but I was shocked, like the rest of the world.)
10. Chopper craze!!! ‘Nuff said!
11. Went to the Night Safari for the 1st time ever!
12. Attended the SuperBand concert! They’re having another one this month, but we’re not going. =P
13. Went for a short holiday @ Jimmy’s parent’s place in Malaysia! Kampung home!
14. We moved! From Hougang to Hougang! To his grandpa’s house.
15. I have my own bike, for the first time ever! And I love it!
16. As with every other year, we discovered many new and yummy eating places!

We had a very quiet New Year’s Eve and New Year. Had a BBQ at Sis’s place, food was yummy! But we didn’t stay for the countdown as Mr Toh was very tired. Thanks for having us!

New Year, we went back Mommy’s home to pray to Daddy and then went home as Mr Toh was still very tired. =X
Later that night, we went to Dad’s house for dinner! Homecooked food is <3! After that, met wup with Yixiang and Daniel for supper and gaming. I didn’t play though….Command & Conquer. Yucks. =X

Gonna catch Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel later! Wee!

Hope the coming year will be an awesome year for everyone and world peace! =P


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