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Posted on: August 24, 2009

Saturday we went cycling!!! Me, Mr Toh, Sis, her bf (BBD) and Jimmy~

Me!! Can you imagine?? =X

We met at Sis’s place at around 4pm plus.

Jimmy was riding a downhill bicycle instead of his usual normal bicycle. -.- FYI: A downhill bicycle is slowest on a normal straight road, because it is very heavy. It was almost like he looked down on us! *hmph*

As there was only 4 bicycles, I volunteered to take the bus to Pasir Ris Park while the rest cycled there. Hee. Plus, I felt it was kinda scary to have to cycle there, as I did not have any experience of cycling anywhere besides at Sis’s place.

But we had tea at a nearby coffeeshop first, as the sun was still very hot.

After that, we met up at Pasir Ris, and we proceeded to rent a lousy ‘Dura’ bicycle for the whole night~ 5pm to 10am the next day @ $15 (IIRC).

Weeee~~ Off we went cycling through Pasir Ris Park~ It was so crowded!!! And I was kinda unsteady on the bicycle, lol… Was really afraid of knocking people down! I should have bought the bright orange ‘P’ plates to hang on my bicycle so that people will be more careful of me!

We decided to cycle to Changi Village for dinner! Ipoh ‘horfun’ here I come!

The hawker centre was really crowded as it was dinner time, around 8pm~ We also shared a sambal stingray and a plate of ‘orh luak’. *yummies*

I also bought 2 boxes of plasters. I found a blister on my left thumb because I was very tense and gripped the handlebars really tightly. . *ouchies*

Why 2 boxes, you ask? Because lousy 7-11 only sold plastic plasters of their house brand, First Choice. And Mr Toh said it’d do just fine when I was searching for cloth ones. Ok lo, since he said that, we bought it and like, less than 5 mins after I put it on, it was unsticky already and peeling off. Can you say, WTF?

So we bought another box of Hansaplast cloth plasters from another provision store. And those worked so much better. I had one plaster on each thumb..painful sia… Initially I thought maybe I’ll use up the whole box by the end of the day but I over estimated myself and we still have a lot of plasters left over…lol.

After dinner, we cycled over to East Coast Park, as it was on the way to Siglap where we decided to go have cheesecake~ I had been waiting for my cheesecake for so long~

It was a looooong ride…but it was fun nevertheless.

Cheesecake was the thing that kept me going. Hahahahahha!!

I kept going “Cheesecake wait for meeee!!”, “Cheesecake here I come!!!” to motivate myself and “Huuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” in a low deep drawl when I was really tired. *rofl*

Anyway, we finally reached ECP at around 11pm. We realised we only had 1 1/2 hours before the Cheesecake Cafe closed! So we had to keep going!

After exiting from the ECP underpass, we reached Siglap very soon, around 11:30pm. Haha, I was so happy when I realised the surroundings looked very familiar!! Hohoho~

I had the Choc Brownie Cheesecake that I didn’t manage to eat the previous time, Mr Toh ordered Vanilla Choc Chip Cheesecake, Sis had her fave Walnut Cheesecake and Jimmy had the American Cheesecake (I think). Sis’s bf opted out of having any cheesecakes, think he’s on a diet. =X

It felt sooo shiok to just sit there and relax~ But, after we got up to ride home, I realised….my butt hurts!!! *argh* But bo bian….

On the way home, they said there was a part we had to cycle on the road. Gawd…I was petrified. And I teared a little….and Mr Toh scolded me. =(((((((((((((( I guess our faces said it all…as the rest were kinda quiet on the rest of the route.

We reached Tanah Merah and while resting, I cried…..fuck man… *ARGH!!!* So embarrassing. The rest were nice about it, and left me and Mr Toh alone to talk… He was just pissed that I was so afraid of riding on the road….bah… I will definitely try to overcome that fear in future. But it was my first time riding mah!!! T_T

Anyway, Jimmy went home and we went to Sis’s home to sleep, because Mr Toh had to return the rental bicycle at 10am the next day. The guys had their supper and we went to bed. I slept on a mattress in Sis’s room and Mr Toh and BBD shared the guest room.

I set the alarm for 9am, but overslept and woke up at 10:30am!! I got a shock when I saw the time! Woke Mr Toh and Sis up…but it started raining shortly. Mr Toh waited till the rain stopped and then returned the bicycle…I think he was late for about 2 hrs in returning the bicycle, but they did not charge us more. So nice!! They are the bicycle shop inside the chalet area. Even though the bicycle was not that good, which is to be expected for all rental bicycles, I think they were really nice not to charge us for returning the bicycle late.

BOOK FAIR – 23/08/09

I was reading the papers at Sis’s home after we got back from cycling, when I saw there was a book fair at Expo the next day. As I had never been to one before, and I needed new books to read, I asked Mr Toh and Sis if they wanted to go. Luckily, we all loved books. Well, maybe except Mr Toh. He was looking for cycling magazines. Lol.

Anyway, after going home to bathe and change, we met at Expo! The book fair wasn’t very crowded though…guess Singaporeans don’t like to read much.

Sis found lots of books! Lol, I only managed to find 3. It was $2 for one book, but during the time we were there, there was a 1-for-1 promotion! So that means it’s $1 for each book! So cheap! Hahaha! *happies* In total we bought 22 books altogether, hohoho.

Had Subway for dinner, and we went our separate ways~ Accompanied Mr Toh to a friend’s grandma’s funeral at Bedok..but I only waited for him and Jimmy at a nearby coffeeshop as I did not know the friend at all. I also did not feel comfortable being introduced to his friends for the first time at a funeral. I waited till 11pm plus!!! Gosh, so dead tired after that.

Slept like a baby that night.


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