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Posted on: August 17, 2009

Haven’t been updating for so long! I am getting more and more lazy… Zzz.

Anyway, the concert was awesome! Even though there was quite a lot of elderly people. =X
After the show, we were queueing for a cab when someone grabbed my shoulders from behind! Turns out it was god-mum. Scared the shit out of me. Haha. They asked who we came for, we came for Emil Chau, I thought most people were there for him, I think the other members aren’t popular enough. *mean* Heehee.

We did lots of things these past few weeks.

Thoroughly enjoyed our holiday at Ulu Tiram too. Will upload the photos soon.

Mr Toh’s been busy with a new project…so he has lesser time for me. But it’s OK, I mean I still have lots of things to do.
Like, finish watching my Boys over Flowers, finish up my own project, occasional meetings with the babes, tidy up our room, blog more, read more, etc. So many things right? Yeah right. =X

Friday 14/08/09
Caught Where Got Ghost on Friday night with Sis ; her cousin, Jimmy, Xiangming & GF and Keqing. What a big crowd! Hoho. The show is damn lame, but certain parts were still creepy. T_T
After we came out of the theatre, we bumped into Wensheng, such a coincidence. Singapore is too small. Supper at Saffron after that.

Saturday 15/08/09
The weekend that just passed was very slack.

Caught UP on Saturday, it was such a touching storyline, the love story of Carl & Ellie~ As there wasn’t much to do, we ended up going home early on a Saturday night, something we haven’t done in ages. Lol. =X

Sunday 16/08/09

Went to Mom’s house for lunch, helped her dye her hair before we left at around 5pm. We then went to Toa Payoh for dinner and to check out handphones~ Mr Toh’s thinking of getting the HTC Touch Pro, anyone have lobangs?

Visited his grandparents after that, as we had bought some milk for his grandma.
We then went home to watch Ponyo on DVD~ I realise it is a Japanese version of The Little Mermaid, only the main characters are much younger. Seriously, do all 5 year olds know what is love nowadays? But Ponyo is very cute though~ So tired after watching the movie..

Serious Monday Blues!!!


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