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Posted on: June 8, 2009

Can’t wait to get off work, am gonna go for a run with Mr Toh. He’s sleeping right now, because he did not sleep at all last night. But me, I am feeling so energetic, because we slept till 4pm on Sunday and I slept at 2am yesterday. So I’m all bright and cheery today. =X

Dinner after that. But I’m feeling so hungry now. T_T Gonna go find something to bite first.

I have SO much stress and anger to VENT! *grrr* Sometimes my job sucks. Customers are so overbearing sometimes. =(
But having a very nice boss and manager makes everything just so much more bearable. So Imma suck it in and keep going!

Haven’t been jogging for ages. I wonder if I’ll even make it halfway to the market. =X

Saturday, we went for a picnic! With Mr Toh’s family~The sun was rather harsh that day…I got a little sunburnt even though I was in the shade for like, 70% of the time! T_T We just lazed around, eating and chatting till around 4pm, then we left to go home to freshen up for dinner.

Dinner was at Seoul Garden, TM! I had the member card, but because I only collected it on Friday, it wasn’t activated yet. But it’s OK, we had the Safra card, still eligible for 10% discount!

After a very fulfilling dinner, we went for a movie~ We caught Terminator: Salvation (yes, again) because the rest of them wanted to catch it. Hee.

Met up with Daniel after that for tea~ But I got so sleepy and had a splitting headache, so we cut it short and went home~

Sunday, we slept in till really late! *oinks* After waking up, we ordered Rite Pizza to Dad’s house~ Rite Pizza’s mayo chicken is SO Good! Like, 1000 times better than Pizza Hut. Like, what use is a HOT pizza if it’s not delicious?! No more Pizza Hut for us ever! Sunday was also to celebrate his little brother’s advance birthday~ Just a simple cake cutting celebration. =)

Alright, it’s getting late, I should be going home now.



2 Responses to "Jogging"

No more cycling session??

Hohoho, cos I no bicycle!

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