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Posted on: June 1, 2009

I’m not talking about the Da Vinci exhibition. The Da Vinci exhibition was very interesting~ After that, we went to watch Sea Monster’s at the Omnitheatre. So many memories came flooding back! I still remember when I went when I was in Pri or Sec school and we were fighting for the best seats in the theatre. Lol~ The show was very boring though, and the narrator’s soothing voice put me to sleep a couple of times. =X

Yesterday, we went to the St. Regis wedding fair~ I tell you, the hotel is GORGEOUS!

I like the 3 wedding themes they offered, as well as the beautiful floral arrangements. Of course, the complimentary Bentley was a huge draw for us as well. Everything was going smoothly, until we tried the food. T_T We had a four course lunch but the food was not up to expectations. I do love how the beautiful individually plated dishes looked, but it was just not very tasty.

The roast duck we had tasted like cardboard. It was cold, very dry and tough. The shark’s fin soup was bad too! The chicken broth was very light, but the shark’s fin itself had a very gummy texture and a weird taste. The rest of the dishes was so-so, but service was very good. We also had a look at their rooms, and their rooms are very nice! I absolutely love their bathrooms. But no view though. The wedding show was so-so too, though I saw a few gowns that were quite pretty. Too bad we didn’t win anything at the lucky draw…a two nights stay at St Regis Bali would have been shiok. =P

Overall, the experience was rather fun. They also had some cute stuffs in the goodie bags. Heehee. It was our very first wedding fair! Maybe it’s a good thing their food sucks, because we had planned on holding our dinner at Mandarin Oriental. =X

After the wedding fair, me, Chris and Mr Toh headed to Modesto’s for some more food~ We had their calamari and Crudo (Italian parma ham) pizza. Yums~

Walked back to Taka, where Chris bought some stuff, then sat down at Haagen Daz for some banana split~ =D *happies* After Chris left for her dinner appointment, we headed for Tampines to watch Terminator Salvation with Jimmy. Disappointed!!! I felt that this fourth instalment of the Terminator wasn’t as good as the previous movies. I felt…let down.. =X

Oh well, Transformers better be good! =X




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