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Earth Hour 2009.

Posted on: March 28, 2009

Show your commitment to energy conservation!

Heh, I’m sure most of you already know that today, 8:30pm to 9:30pm is Earth Hour. Please do your part for Mother Earth! We are going to have a picnic with Sis @ Esplanade tonight! Wee~ We have already bought our favourite titbits. Heehee.


MOF @ Bugis

I liked the teapot and teacups! Almost wanted to smuggle them back. I like that they have one pot for each table, instead of the staff walking around to refill each cups.

Mr Toh’s Ice Lemon Tea, served on a small wooden tray and a small pot of honey, nice!

Concentrating on mixing his wasabi soy sauce. Lol~

His favourite salmon sashimi, he says it’s REALLY good~

Very pretty and authentic looking bento box!

Unagi bento! It looks darn nice, but Mr Toh says it’s not very nice, because the meat of the unagi was very ‘old’.

My cha shu ramen. Not nice! The cha shu sucks. T_T

And we ended our meal with a mango ice cream dessert. And this was darn nice!! It came with a small cup of mango sauce. I was afraid that the sauce would be too sweet, but it wasn’t~ And the ice cream was super nice! It was a great way to end a nice meal. =)

Edwin’s wedding @ Conrad, 22 Mar 2009.

The atmosphere was wonderful~ There were long white candles on each table and it was so romantic, with the soft candle light and the soothing English love songs playing.

But…before the dinner started, one candle got loose from the candle holder and fell, almost hitting us girls @ the table! Thank goodness for the fast action of another guy sitting at our table, he caught the candle before it reached us. Like whoa….that was scary. Apart from the fact that we almost got ‘candled’, the dinner was enjoyable. The food was unexpectedly good! So was the red wine. Haha~

The groom almost didn’t want to let us go after the dinner….but I had an excuse! I had work the next day…too bad, if not it should be rather fun to just sit around and drink more red wine! =X

The girls~

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2 Responses to "Earth Hour 2009."

Ya.. The two of you ONLY bought your own favourite tibits!! What about mine?? Sob Sob!!

Haha…oops!! Cos..we didn’t know what was your favourite titbits? =X But ok lah, there was some consolation, free Chipster! =X

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