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Our day at the Zoo – Vday’09

Posted on: February 27, 2009

Went to the zoo on Vday with Andrew and his gf~

The otters smelled real bad!

Cute baby proboscis monkey!

Mr Toh saw it as”What is Man Without Breasts?” LOL. Which does kinda make sense. =P

This little creature was soooo cute! It climbed up to Andrew’s hand and wanted to take the green tea! Haha, it likes green tea too! So many people were crowding around us looking at it….lol~

Pretty bambis. =X

I actually touched the fawn! Keke. Didn’t dare to go too near, for fear of startling it… It was super cute, we saw it standing at the side, looking very lost…and it just stood very still and allowed us to touch it…omg, cuteness!!!

Weird looking, yet pretty flowers…

I actually touched the cute kangaroo! It was just standing there eating its food, and lots of people were crowding around it waiting for their turn to take a picture. Keke, it’s coat was so coarse though, needs conditioner…


The horse that I touched was Buddy, and he was so curious…keke, keep sniffing our hands, but we didn’t have any food for him, haha… I fell in love with him! I think he’s so pretty~

And the rat seemed like it was praying, “Tee gong po bi ah! Let me reincarnate as a human next life please~”. =X

We saw lots of yucky bats on the top of the hut… T_T

The seal was so cute! Very smart and quite old too, I hear Mr Toh say the seal has been performing for many years…

The polar bear was prancing around, like it was exercising, haha. And the llama (I think that’s what it’s called) is chio lor! Very nice eyes and it had a regal bearing, so cute~

Rabbits! Their fur is soooo soft and smooth!

Funny goat, I offered it my ice cream, haha.

Resting at the elephant’s area~

@ the Rainforest Show….super BORING. Please do not go!

Keke, I touched more animals here in one day than I have in my entire life! =x

After the trip to the zoo, we went to Cineleisure to wait for Jimmy to join us for Benjamin Button! But as it was a midnight movie, we went to the arcade to play first….and got hooked on the basketball game! Goodness, I never knew it was so fun and addictive! Haha….spent so much on it~

We went for supper at Hans @ Thomson after the movie ended… It was a super long movie, almost 3 hours! So you can imagine what the five of us looked like when eating supper….like zombies! Esp the 4 of us, smelly and sticky zombies! *faint*

Overall, it was a very enjoyable day! Many thanks to SY for getting us in to the zoo free~~

The End!


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