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Posted on: January 19, 2009

Woot~ D&D last Friday was quite OK…went to Powerhouse after the dinner…what can I say… It sucked! The music was crap. Tsk.

Saturday, we met Andrew and GF for some bowling @ Kovan~~ After bowling, we went for board games at SMU! Keke, it was fun fun fun~! But our bill came up to over $100, because we were too hungry and ordered a lot of food. =X
They’re planning to go again next Wed~ I wanna tag along too!

Sunday, Deardear and me went to Kallang Leisure Park to buy…………a bowling ball for me! xD
It took quite long, because the uncle was very busy. Picked out a really pretty dark purplish ball. The uncle was very professional lo! It took him only a short while to measure my hand and fingers, drill the ball and to perfect the fitting. After that, we headed to Kovan for some bowling again as I wanted to try out my new ball!

I played a damn lousy game for the first 2 rounds. Once, I even fell and ending up kneeling on the lane. Because my grip was wrong, and my fingers were stuck in the ball. OMG. So freaking paiseh!! But later on, I thought it must have looked very comical and I couldn’t stop laughing. =X

But during the third game, I got the hang of it and I played a damn well game! (For me lah).
143~ After that, Daniel came and we played 2 more rounds. I got 126 and 140 for the last game. Shiokness man~~~ I love the feeling of having a personal ball. XD

Something kinda funny happened when we were playing. This group of people took the lane beside ours, I think they’re not locals and they didn’t really know how to bowl. So anyway, during the game, there were a few times when they wanted to take my personal ball! T_T Luckily, before I need to say anything, one of their friends stopped them. Keke, so funny.

I was wondering to myself, if after our game and they saw us pack our balls and bringing it home, will they follow us and try to bring the balls back too?


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