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New phone!

Posted on: December 29, 2008

Keke, went to Toa Payoh for dinner yesterday~

Also, 顺便 look look see see for the phone that I wanted to buy, LG Ice Cream KF350! Hee hee.

We had dinner at Ichiban Sushi~ Eh…not very enjoyable meal, due to Deardear’s Unagi Tamada Don was very very fishy. T_T He only ate one spoonful of rice lo! Tamade!
Though the sushi and sashimi was nice, Deardear felt that the branch @ Causeway Point was better.
Kinda regretted having dinner there, because it was rather ex for the two of us~

After dinner, we walked around the area and also asked around for the price of the LG phone. One shop was selling it at $295 w/o contract, which is pretty cheap IMO, but since my contract had already fulfilled 24 months, I might as well re-contract and get it at a cheaper price. =)
Found one shop selling it for $178 w/24mths contract~ *happies*

Bought it in blue color! I think the blue is so much nicer than the pink one! Keke. The shop was left with the one and only set and it was in blue~ *LOVES* ~
Thank you Deardear. =)

I love my new phone so much!! But I must take extra care of this phone, it feels a bit filmsy. Keke.


2 Responses to "New phone!"

hi, found your blog because i was searching for the ice cream phone information, may i know which telco are u under? may i know where are the shops selling it for 295 without contract and 178 with 2 months contract? grateful if you could let me know. thanks much!

Hi Jo~ My line's under Singtel. The shop selling it for 295 is at Toa Payoh, I don't remember the block or unit number though. It's at the block opposite of the HDB hub, the side with Ichiban sushi and McD. The one selling it for 178 is somewhere near the first shop. Really very hard to describe the locations. You can go ask around there…that's what I did too. Hope I helped. ><

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