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Posted on: December 4, 2008

Went out with the babes on Sunday for dinner~

Before that, went for church with Chris at her church, New Creation. The pastor was really funny. Interesting sermon.

After that, we went for dinner @ Sizzler, Suntec with Weishu, Cailing, Char and Jiajia~ It was my 1st time there! *suaku* We only had the salad bar, because there were so many things to eat! If we had ordered the main course, I think our stomachs would burst. Only Cailing ordered another main course, keke. But she didn’t really touch the salad bar.

The food was alright…I loved the mushroom soup and the tomato basil sauce for the spaghetti though! It’s only $19.99++ for the salad bar, which I think was kinda worth it, even though it’s not a full buffet spread.

Took some piccies, will update when I get them from Chris.

Went ‘swimming’ after work on Monday! Haha, I put it as ‘swimming’ because I wasn’t really swimming, more like soaking in water. Deardear was teaching me the basic breaststroke style.
It was fun, hee. Deardear also swam a bit, but compared to the days when he was in the school swim team, he is definitely lousier. He got breathless after 2 laps. -.-


After lessons on Tuesday, we went K-ing with his colleagues, because a special guest came into town, Mr Jeff~ Lol~ Went to the K-Box @ Marina Sq, and we K-ed till 3am! Wah piang…
Nearing the end of the session, the 4 of them went crazy taking pictures…Clara, Jeff, Grace and Aaron. They dragged us into the craziness also. Haha.
Went along with them and took a few pictures, until we got bored. So me and Deardear continued singing, in our own world and they continued taking pictures, in their own world too! The scene must have looked very funny, the 4 of them on the sofa taking pics, me and Deardear squeezed in one corner (so as not to disturb their photo-taking) singing our hearts away~ Lol!
Room 36 was really stuffy, but it was really fun, good for de-stressing, which I needed!

Will update the pics when I get them~

I ended up being super duper tired the next day. Funnily enough, I didn’t feel tired when I was at work. I only felt super tired after work! Wat the…. Went for dumplings @ Chinatown with Deardear! Yums~
We then went grocery shopping at NTUC Buangkok. I love 24hrs NTUCs!

Britney’s new album is out! I want it!!

Take a listen here. You need to be logged into imeem though. xD

Happy belated birthday to one of my favourite pop icons of all time! Here’s hoping her comeback album and tour sell like hotcakes~ except hotter~


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