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Thai restaurant @ Kovan

Posted on: September 29, 2008

There’s this new restaurant that sells Thai food @ Kovan, that just opened not long ago. Me and Deardear have always passed by  but we have yet to try it out~ So…last Tuesday, after my class ended early, I met Deardear at Kovan and we had our dinner/supper ~

First up, our all time favourite, Pineapple Fried Rice~ This was average, but one thing special was they had added raisins! And when you eat a mouthful of the rice, together with the raisins and cashew nuts, darn nice! =D~

pineapple fried rice

Another of our all time favourite: Tom Yum Soup~ Funny, I used to dislike Tom Yum Soup, because I thought it had a funny taste. If only I liked it when my dad was still around, then he could have brought me to try all the yummy Tom Yum Soups! But it’s ok…now I have Deardear~ =)

Their Chicken Tom Yum Soup is yummy… I feel that it is just nice for most Singaporean’s taste. But Deardear prefers it to be hotter and more sour. *freak* =X The chicken meat in the soup was so tender and so tasty!!!

tom yum soup

One of the yummier dishes~ The pork was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and it was very fragrant too! And the garlic  wasn’t too overpowering~ Overall, we really liked this dish~

deep fried pork with garlic

This dish looked really yummy from the outside. But, the stuffing inside tasted kinda weird. It had a strong mushroomy smell which covered the original taste of the chicken. We were not impressed by it. T_T

stuffed boneless chicken

stuffed boneless chicken 2

The not so yummy veggies~ We didn’t even finish it. =X


But, overall, the food was rather good, the pricing was reasonable and it’s so near our house! We’ll definitely go back again~


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