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Ramen Santouka @ Central

Posted on: September 10, 2008

After class yesterday, Deardear came to fetch me~I was watching people 猜灯迷 by the Riverside while waiting for him at Central. It’s really pretty there! They have these zodiac lanterns there and performances like Chinese dance performances. The girls are really pretty! Haha.

A piggy zodiac lantern~

A moo moo cow zodiac lantern!~

It was really festive there, I could feel the mood~ It makes me wanna eat mooncakes and fly to the moon. Haha!

Deardear asked what to eat since it was sort of my territory. Then I remembered reading Jasmine‘s blog earlier yesterday! I remembered her post about Ramen Santouka! Heehee. But I had a problem remembering the name…there were sooo many Japanese restaurants there! It was a lucky guess lah…haha. Since it was already 9.30pm then, we hurried to the restaurant. Thanks to Deardear’s exceptional navigational skills, we managed to find it without any problems. =X

It was really empty at the restaurant, with only one Japanese couple inside. I always have this thinking, if a Japanese restaurant has many Japanese patrons, then it must mean the food is good! Haha~

Deardear playing a fool~

I wanted to try the Gyoza, but the friendly waitress said it’s sold out! Sad…

They have a total of 4 different flavours for their ramen. (If I remember correctly)

  • Salt
  • Soy sauce
  • Spicy fermented soybean
  • Miso

I had the soy sauce one, and Deardear had the spicy fermented soybean.



Looks yummy right?! And it tastes yummy too! I do love the pork, very flavourful~ Even the fats was yummy!

The portion was just right and there were quite a few slices of pork! Which me and Deardear loved that they were generous with the ingredients.

Our rating for this ramen is 9/10. Minus one point for the soup being a tad too salty. But other than that, everything was wonderful~!

Service was good too! They have a lot of Japanese staff. I absoulutely loved the way they greeted us in Japanese! Keke. They just sound very nice when they speak Japanese. Haha.

One more thing that we both found rather amazing.

Each table had their own flask for ice water!


I’ve never seen any restaurants that provide each table with their own individual flask!Haha, or maybe I’m just suaku~

We really enjoyed the food! Thanks Jasmine!


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