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Sporty Mooncakes @ Picnic? =X

Posted on: September 9, 2008


  • My Nike sports bra, which is oh-so-comfy!
  • My pink Reebok top, which I love lots!
  • My Reebok shorts which is super comfy too~
  • My Adidas running shoes, which I love super lots!!

Thank you Laogong~

Went jogging last Sunday morning. I woke up really early, around 8am. Couldn’t sleep…so I went jogging! The stadium was already quite crowded at this timing, quite a few families with their little kids. Sooo cute!

Saturday, we went picnic with Deardear’s dad and his brothers @ Pasir Ris ~
It was fun, the weather was glorious! Deardear attempted to teach me how to ride a bicycle…but…I found it so hard!
It’s really better to learn when you are a kid… Next time, I will teach my kids swimming and cycling, etc, when they are young. So that they won’t end up like me. =(
Deardear was really impatient with me too. Hais.. But it’s ok, he apologised and I’ll get another chance to learn again!

Sundaywas family day…haha, we were busy sending moon cakes to my mom and our grandmas. Haven’t been to see my grandma in ages. Felt so guilty…will go back again next week. I have made a resolution to be more filial to her… I felt so sad when I realised that she has really aged… I don’t think I’d ever have a chance to drink her chicken soup again… =( But it’s alright, I will be visiting her every week if I can. =)

After work yesterday, I went to buy porridge for dinner. I placed my order with the auntie. There was already a lady there, who had placed her orders. Then, the uncle who was preparing the food, wanted to give this lady her food, but she said it was the wrong order. The uncle gave this blur face, looked around and told the auntie it was my order.

Then, by right, the auntie should have told the uncle, “No, she just ordered only.” Right??

But no, she also gave a blur face and asked if it was my order.

Wah rao eh!

Tulan! I gave a stupid face and told the auntie, “Auntie… I just reached leh. And you just took my order also…”

Haha, I know I was rather rude, that’s because I was really irritated. =P

After I reached home, I was having my porridge…and I got bitten 8 freaking times! The home have been having mosquito problems.
GRRR! This stupid mosquito…been biting us for almost a week already. I have suffered more than 20 bites from it!!! And my leg no pretty anymore… =(

So pissed off…so I cleaned up the room. And I killed one mosquito! Smacked it with my palm. Hah! But…turns out that there’s more than one mosquito… /faint. Never mind, we bought an electronic swatter.

Tonight, you die!!!!


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