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Dinner @ Shin Kushiya

Posted on: August 4, 2008

Dinner @ Shin Kushiya with Eric and Irene~

The restaurant is at Vivocity. We had to stay to do a bit of OT to rush for closing, and Irene suggested we go for dinner together, so we went walk walk around Vivo and decided on this restaurant!

Japanese Charcoal Grill~

OMG. Super delicious grilled prawns. Absolutely YUMMY!!!

My Yuzu tea (Citrus tea). Very orange-y. Haha, quite nice~

My empty plate! Forgot to take pictures! I had Ton Katsu Curry Don~ The pork chop was yummy~ Crispy, tender and not too oily! But the curry was forgettable though.

Irene’s EMPTY claypot. She had udon~ This picture proves how yummy it was~ Haha~

Super full.

Service was good, above average by Singapore standards. Haha.

Went to the counter to pay the bill and saw this.

Oh, no wonder. Keke.

And we have vouchers! 3-for-1 lunch sets! Anyone want? Cos I don’t think I will be able to patronise the restaurant during lunch time. Just let me know yah?

After dinner, we went to Ben & Jerry’s for ice cream! Because as wonderful as the ala carte menu was at Shin Kushiya, the dessert selection was kinda lacking..

Super duper cute chairs that Irene spotted! Look familiar?

Cow udders!

Our Mixed ice cream~

1. Raspberry yogurt
2. Minty Chocolate
3. Some dark chocolate ice cream

Plus a whole lot of whipped cream and chopped peanuts! So you cannot see any ice cream! And Irene’s fingers. Lol~

All three flavours very nice! The raspberry yogurt was darn nice! Not too sweet and not too sour either! And a more healthier choice than normal ice cream. Hee.

Make me feel less guilty. Haha.


2 Responses to "Dinner @ Shin Kushiya"

i got ben n jerrys voucher havent use! teeheehee

Haha, must try the Raspberry Yoghurt! I also want voucher leh, free ice cream!!!

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