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Happy Lunar New Year 2008!

Posted on: February 8, 2008

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

Wee! I love the Lunar New Year~ Love the goodies, love collecting ang baos. Sadly, it’ll be my last ‘eligible’ year to collect ang baos!~

Rushed to meet Deardear after work on LNY eve, then we rushed to Tampines to take my clothes, rushed to my grandma’s house in Bukit Batok for reunion dinner, then rushed to his grandma’s house in Hougang for reunion dinner. It’s gonna be like that next year too! Lol~ Deardear then met up with his ‘brothers’ while I went home to help my mom. Collected my first ang baos!

On the 1st day of LNY, I wore my new white/brown dress with new white heels. But the heels were killer heels! My toes hurt after wearing them for some time…had to buy plasters to stick on my toes. T_T
We went to my grandma’s house, so many people I have not seen for ages! So many children! All so cute and well-behaved. Was helping my mom to distribute the ang baos, people thought I was the one giving. T_T *faint*

Deardear came and met me at my grandma house, then we went to my 2nd uncle’s house, sat for a while, and we went to his grandma’s house to pai nian. Cos I took her ang bao already on LNY eve, but haven’t pai nian yet. Nowhere to go, so we decided to go Causeway Point Swensens to eat, then movie time!

We watched Kungfu Dunk first. Unexpectedly good! I love the storyline and the special effects. Very realistic. Funny show, something to be learnt too.
After Kungfu Dunk, we took a break and then we caught CJ7! Mini movie marathon. Heehee. CJ7 was funny as hell! I laughed a lot, but I cried too. Some sad parts… Overall, both movies are definitely worth watching!

Now, resting at my house, while my relatives are visiting. Deardear’s still fast asleep, cos he hasn’t had a good night’s rest for 2 days already. *sayang*

Alright, I’m out.
Happy Lunar New Year again~!!


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