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My first ever Dinner & Dance!

Posted on: January 25, 2008

D&D last Friday, was quite fun~

Best part was the money, of cos!

After D&D, we went to St James, my first time there! So sua-ku! Met Deardear there, and we got free entry, for all 25 of us! Haha. All thanks to our dear Sales. Heh.

Thanks Deardear for accompanying me. I’m sorry I neglected you sometimes, but thank you for letting me go dance dance once in a while. Hee. Promise I won’t neglect you again le.

Went Bugis shopping on Wednesday with Kaixin, Vell, Susan and Cherlyn. I got big ‘feng shou’. Bought 2 dresses, 1 top and 1 pair of shoes. Damn cheap! Haha. Quality not good also nvm, as long as it is comfortable. But I really love the pair of shoes I bought! So comfy, so nice and so cheap! Only $13.90. Haha. Think I have enough for CNY le. Maybe just another bottom. And office skirts!

Ytd was Kaixin’s Bday and we went KTV with them. Lots of things happening…hais.

Anyway… Irene’s wedding on Sunday! Pocket got big hole again. =X But very happy for her. I wonder when will it be my turn~~

So, Deardear managed to get off on Sunday, to accompany me to Irene’s wedding, cos she invited both of us~ =)

We also bought a watch for his grandma. Actually we bought 2, cos she didn’t like the first one, and we couldn’t exchange it as the strap have been adjusted before… But she loved the 2nd one! Which is all good. =D

Excited for CNY. I bought so many pineapple tarts. A few boxes from Eric’s customer, a few boxes from Crystelle BF’s mom. Haha. Pineapple tart SIAO!!! All very yummy~

Kz, I’m out.


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