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Sick sick sick…

Posted on: January 5, 2008


Finally, I am feeling much better today~ Yeah!!

Went to work on Thurs, but I was still having a fever, so my boss and manager asked me to go home and rest after handing over my stuffs. So glad to have good superiors like them.

Then on Friday morning, my boss even gave me Berocca and asked me to take one with a glass of water. Awww…so loved! Lol~

Ytd Deardear had his off day so he came to fetch me from work and we went to the restaurant to book our tables for our ROM on 16th March! No one booked yet, we’re the first and the kiasuest! Lol!

At first, we wanted to hold the ROM solemnization outdoors, by the riverside. But then again, when I think about it, the timing is 12.30pm. Wouldn’t it be scorching?? Scared that my make up will melt, I decided to change to indoors, more comfy, and so our ah mas (my paternal ah ma and his paternal ah ma) won’t have to climb up and down.

I must mention that I love the restaurant’s decor! *luvluv* So exciting!!! Now, all that’s left is clothes! Deardear say we can go check out Daniel Yam. He rather I buy the gown than rent. Hmmm…shall see first.

For dinner, we went to Fisherman’s Wharf opposite of Central. Hmmmm…BIG disappointment. Tsk. Their menu was great, as in, the menu boasted that they serve the best authentic fish and chips. Well, if authentic means bland, not crispy enough and tough meat, then they’re a winner. Cos their fish and chips was, honestly, not tastier than the ones sold at a western stall near Deardear’s home. Never going back again, even if I win their $88 voucher.

Anyway, I bought a new phone! SE W580i! *luv*

Gonna go to the post office later to help Deardear collect something. That’s why I wake up so early on a Sat. *argh*

Alright~ I’m out.


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