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Friday the 13th – Sakae Sushi / Harry Potter

Posted on: July 22, 2007

Last Friday, I had Sakae Sushi for the first time! As in first time sitting in the restaurant, eating sushi. Haha. Only ta-bao-ed the teriyaki chicken rice once.

So anyway, A and me were at Causeway Point to catch Harry Potter: OOTP. Everywhere else in town was full, so no choice and we went to CWP. ^^

A had a sudden urge to eat Sakae after walking past the restaurant. Hur.. So cute. =X So I consented and we had the buffet dinner. Heng I’m still not 22! Haha, cos I only needed to pay $15.90 for the Youth price, ages 17-21. Must eat Sakae a few more times before I turn 22!!

The famous conveyor belt sushi! So excited to see it so near. Wahaha. We can order what we wanted on the lcd screen. So high tech, and I’m so suaku. Lol.

A hard at work mixing the wasabi and soy sauce, the Singaporean way.

My favourite food on the conveyor!
Takopachi!! Damn nice!! =D

I only liked the small rolls of sushi with cucmber in them. Haha. And not forgetting the takopachi, potato croquette. Haha. I’m such a waste of money. Can’t appreciate the other sushi. =X

A and his favourite raw salmon – $5.90 a plate!

Looks damn nice. I had a try, it was really fresh, no stinky fishy smell. But I hated the slimy feeling. Bleargh.

A dipping his salmon in the sauce. Look at the look on concentration on his face. Hee hee.

Open your mouth, AHHHH….

TOO MUCH LEMON! Lol~ Poor deardear. =X

Hee hee. Sour face.

AHHHH……….. No idea wat sushi that was. But it looked delicious.

Our complimentary Udon. Yucky.

Thoroughly enjoyed our meal. =)

It’s not a secret that I am a fan of Harry Potter, but the 5th installment of the movie was disappointing. True, the movie had a darker tinge to it but somehow, I couldn’t stop comparing it to the book. I just felt like they cut out so many things. Which, to be honest, I couldn’t blame them for. The 5th book is after all, the thickest book amongst the 7. But still, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. It didn’t really live up to my expectations. I’d recommend the book.

Speaking of Harry Potter books, we bought the 7th one yesterday! Hee. No long queues, just waltzed in the store and bought one. Hee. I’m halfway through it. Don’t really wanna read it too fast.

The book that ends it all…

I’m secretly hoping that there’ll be an 8th book…but if there won’t be one, then we’ll just have to wait and see what else J.K.R can write. I can’t wait for her next book already!

Just finished vacuming the floor. And the noise of the vacum cleaner woke my sister and brother up. But my piggy deardear is still sound asleep! Hur, as if that would be surprising to me. =X

Aight, got much stuff to do today.

I’m out. Ciao~


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