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Funny video and our public transport system.

Posted on: January 27, 2007

Heh. This is damn funny.

Kinda racist, but really funny. Heehee.

Met A for breakfast today before he started his work at 12pm. =) Thank you for breakfast. *muacks*

On the way home, I read this article in today’s weekendToday paper, “S’pore’s ticket to big meet – its trains”. Apparently, there was a six-man delegation from the Union Internationale de Transport Public (UITP) who came to Singapore on a two-day visit to assess the possible location for their 2011 UTIP World Congress and Mobility & City Transport Exhibition. (whew, that was a long title)

They opted to take our humble MRT from Changi Airport to their hotel in the city. And apparently, they were impressed with the train ride during the peak hours.
This is what they commented on after the ride:

We had a very easy access to the train. You don’t (have to) carry the luggage very long. The stations are modern, well-lit and very clean… You don’t have a Japanese situation where students are pushing in the trains, which is rather good.

Everything is true, what they said. But, that last point…pretty curious.
Which just kinda makes me wonder…just when were they taking the trains? Was it really during the peak hours? Because it just doesn’t sound like the peak hour MRT situations that I know and hate.

We won’t have the students pushing. We have our office workers and aunties, uncles for that.
Seriously, I think Singapore’s public transport system is well-planned.
But it doesn’t really function really well in real life when we have commuters who squeeze and push their way in, before other people get off the train, people who are aspiring pole dancers who thinks they are the only one who can use the poles, people who are just generally rude and inconsiderate.

Anyway, rude people aside, I think it’d be awesome if we get to host this meet. Give Singapore more exposure and stuff like that.

By the way, I wonder what happened to our gracious society campaigns?


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