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Posted on: January 25, 2007

Brrr. It’s cold! While I was walking home after alighting from the bus just now, the wind was so strong and cold! Kinda reminded me of when I was in Macau that time. Cold cold~

Anyway, good news! I got a job! Together with Celeste, my colleague. At a shipping company where one of our ex-colleague is working at now. Wahaha. I hope it’ll just be like old days, where we’ll have fun! Wee!

While I am very excited and happy to have found a new job, I also feel kinda sad at the same time. Sad that I will be leaving my wonderful temp / perm colleagues. Come to think of it, I’ve already been there for almost six months! Time really flies~ I think I’ll really miss them. We’ve been having so much fun at work these past months…

Something unpleasant happened today… I just hope everything’s resolved already. And that it won’t affect our relationship cos I’m sure we all treasure the friendship that we have cultivated over these past few months. Friends! =)

Didn’t meet A today for dinner. Wanna save $. =X Hee. But I miss him…

On Tuesday, A surprised me at Woodlands bus interchange! Lol.
I was on the escalator when he suddenly touched my back. Scared me… T_T
He purposely stayed up the whole night, so that he can reach there in time to send me to work.
Aww…so sweet! But I think it might also be a chance for him to play his Diablo. Heehee. =X
But, thank you so much deardear…I really appreciate it. You, sacrificing your precious sleeptime to send me to work. Somemore it’s so far… ilusm. =)

Ytd, we went for breakfast together. ^^ Then for dinner, we went back to Woodland’s pasar malam, and bought some snacks. We then came back to my house for dinner, cos my mom cooked. Save $ also. Hee. =X

Ah…I’m feeling really blissed.

Even though sometimes, we have our differences and arguments, I know you love me, and I love you too. We’re gonna try to help each other to improve and change our bad habits k? We must gambatte together~

Anyway, I’m so so so excited and I can’t wait to start my job! I hope I’ll be up to it.

Wish me luck again~


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